Best way to break in new boots...

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by bibo_boy, May 23, 2005.

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  1. Owned loads of pairs of boots in the past and usually just wear them around for a few weeks, then wear them on short walks building up the mileage...


    Does anyone have any tips to get your boots worn in i.e. quickly, or tips etc...?

    Is there anything you can use to softem then? :lol:

    Please try and avoid abuse as this often offends :D
  2. Dubbin's pretty good, but depends how much you want to break the boots in - do you want to do Lanyard in them or just be comfy walking round camp?
  3. Bilbo you said it yourself just wear them around camp and breakthem in that way . Dubbin can help but it makes walking around camp a bit iffy as the RSM will not like dubbin . or just buy a pair of LOWA's , they are ready to go right away .
  4. Thanks.... I have lowas and they are like slippers!!!! but they wont last and i've just been issed a par of new "lowa copy" pro boots and at the moment they are like wearing a pair or boots made of steel!!!
  5. Assume you mean MoD plastic boots which have been manufactured out of flat pieces of leather/cardboard..?!

    Get them soaking wet in a bath of hot water (or a pond on the training area..), then walk as much as you have time for. Have the laces loose to start with, then gradually tighten them up as the leather molds to your feet.
  6. I don't know if it will work with pro boots, but I used to break in my combat boots with neatsfoot oil and a cricket stump.

    Slather the bendy parts in the oil - I have poured the stuff inside before now and left them propped up, balanced toes down and heels up, to soak for a while, with just a puddle sitting in the toes. Try not to soak the insoles, though - they tend to warp.

    Then take your cricket stump or pick helve and welly the stiff, ankle part of the heel good and proper - you can get them quite soft like this.
  7. Bibo_boy - The new 'Lowa copy' Pro Boots replacements actually soften up pretty quickly.

    I prefer them to the Pro Boots, but they're not as good as the Matterhorn Orion's we used to get issued.
  8. soak in hot water before any polish etc applied. leave for 24 hrs so truly sodden.with paper towel or newspaper dry inside, apply neatsfoot oil liberally, on outside. tighten laces quite tight and go for a walk.

    keep putting neatsfoot on over next few days and wearing them as they will not have fully dried so will mould to feet quite well.

    only triedd on issue boot. dont own lowas or goretex boots (prob wouldnt recommend for gtex)
    once broken in maintain with polish/nikwax etc. dont try to dry boots with artificial heat. leather cracks and they are more prone to get sodden quicker in field.
  9. my son [ex foreign legion] says to p1ss in/on them and wear them till dry.
    I told him we used to do that as well with the old army 'browns' we were issued with before dyeing them black [hated those leather laces]. Seemed to do the trick but don't know about modern synthetic jobs.
  10. Thoroughly soak them for 24 hrs. Saddle soap them. Wear them wet and keep soaping until happy. I've only had to do this with the old DMS & BCH, as most modern boots can be worn virtually bare footed off the shelf.
  11. biboboy- i have always just worn the boots and let them break themselves in in their own time but then I have never suffered from severely blistered feet so consider myself to be pretty fortunate.

    i understand p1ssing on the leather helps. Something to do with the tanning process.
  12. Cheers L.

    I've been wearing them for about a week now and they are starting on get there..... (Wife says I really should take them off in bed!!!) :oops:

    Don't get blisters either just would if I worn then "out of the box" :wink:
  13. I believe that the Ureic [sp?] acid in the p1ss does have a significant effect, but nothing beats just wearing them around the place...
  14. Depends on weather you like to stink of p1ss or not i suppose.
  15. Pizz in someone elses boots first to see if it works!!