Best way to break boots in

Put them straight on out of the box and go for a long tab. Don't wear any socks the first time though as it allows the boots to mould to the shape of your feet.
You break boots in the same way as you would a young filly; mit faust und mit doppel mit faust!
Easy just follow these simple steps

Items needed.
Boots (CAB)
1x bucket
3 gallons of petrol
1x lighter or box of matches

1. Put on boots and lace them up
2. Pour petrol In to the bucket
3. Stand in the bucket
4. Strike match/ ignight the lighter
5. Drop still burning match in to bucket of petrol
6. Stand still
7. Burn to death

Or alternatively you could use tbe the search function you utter ****.
I'm sensing a lot of hostility in you today.
Hot water, wear them laced up tight (wel, tightish) and walk in them.

Also, use neetsfoot oil, including inside, and let it soak into the leather. Flex the leather lots with your hands too. Neetsfoot oil is a traditional thing, you can even look it up, but expect a hard job to get them shiney for a while.
Breaking in boots is like making love to a beautiful woman,my mate tony told me that.
No, no it isn't.

Do it the Sven Hassel way with lots of urine, dead Soviets and SS Panzers roaring all over the place.

Or just wear them for longer and longer periods until they stop hurting.

Serious Note: Do modern boots need breaking in?? Even in the mid eighties if I got a pair of new boots I would lace them up and lead on, no problems. Mind you, I was a Cold War Warrior and therefore uber hard.
Just arrived at 30 Sigs, first exercise to Norway, breaking in the boots, got grabbed by the training wing, BFT in KF shirt, woolley pully lightweights and ski march boots.

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None of the Altbergs i wore needed breaking in, nor the lowas, magnum amazons or my last pair of CABs.......

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