Best way of getting a tour.........Help needed!!!!

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Baza, Feb 9, 2009.

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  1. Hi,

    new to this forum, and was wondering if someone could shed light on a few questions. I appologise in advance if some of these have already been asked.

    I lef the TA 4 years ago having spent 6 years in 10 para and 4 para, and having completed an s-type engagement with 3 para that took me to Northern Ireland.

    Since leaving I have had the itch to get out afghan/iraq to complete a tour (like allot of people I am sure!!).

    Now the question is! Do I rejoin 4 para (or another TA unit that there regular counterparts are about to deploy) and try and deploy whith 16 Brigade when they next go out? Or do I call Chillwell and ask about volunteering as a reserve? I have heard that if you do not deploy with a specific unit and go the Chillwel route, you do not know exactly what and where you are likely to go. And maybe end up getting force protection duties etc when out in theatre..........

    Aslo....does anyone have any info about commisioned officers in the TA and what roles they are likely to fill if they volunteer for operations?

    I hope this ain't to complicated. I just can't seem to find any info anywhere about the above topics.

    Thanks in advance....... :D
  2. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    The last I checked you are not able to just rock up at Chilwell and go on tour. You need to belong to a unit who "sponsor" you for your tour.

    Rejoin 4 Para (depending on age), prove yourself still fit and capable, and the next 16x tour awaits you relatively soon. Depending on your skill levels and fitness you could be anywhere between an IR in a rifle platoon to 2IC pished mattresses in Bastion. Do not assume that you are guaranteed a bayonet fighting position - you get what your skills and fitness deserve.

    Or, look to another unit/s in your area, and see what tour prospects they have coming up.

    For the officer bit, that is a loooong way off! You need to rejoin, apply for selection as a potential officer, be interviewed, go to an OTC for officer training, pass AOSB, pass Sandhurst and your platoon tactics course, and then worry about what tour you might get.

    Again, your role as an officer on tour is driven by you, your relevant training and experience, and what jobs need filling at the time. It is however highly unlikely that you will pick up command of a rifle Pl in anything other than a FP Coy.

    PM me if you want any more infor about rejoining 4 Para.

  3. Thanks mate.....

    sending pm now.
  4. Joining to 'get a tour in' is probably the bonest thing I've ever heard.
    How come you didnt deploy to either theatre during your time in before?
    What will you do once youve done a tour? leave?
    What happens if you join but dont get to go? leave?
    What about if you go down the officer route, pass everything and by the time you get to a unit weve pulled out of both Iraq and Afghanistan? leave?

    The Army does need troops on the ground but most join for more conventional reasons.

    Good luck to you though if its what you really want, hope your quest for a gong and some sand on your boots doesnt have devastating results.
  5. msr

    msr LE

    It is probably the number 1 reason for joining the TA of today

    He left 4 years ago, but did do NI.

    These are questions we deal with on a weekly basis in the TA

    Can't see that happening - anyway there are plenty of other places which are in need of a 'force for good'.

    Finally, you've twigged ;)

  6. I left the regs in 01 and have joined the TA to go on tour next year with my new unit (I missed all of the 'fun' during my time with the mob). I've pretty much put a promising civvie career on hold to do this also (I've not long been made a Director).

    Will I leave after the tour? Maybe, depends on my view of the unit I'm with, whether I'd want to apply for some FTRS, or ultimately whether I enjoy it...
  7. Best way to get a tour.............Help needed!!!!!!!!!!!!

    In my Bde.

    Pick up phone a book own travel and accomodation

    p.s. Do Thomas Cook have Afghan as a drop down destination on there website?

    p.p.s. Unlike going with the MOD, you probably won't get all-inclusive deal....
  8. Why leave in the first place then? Not as if nothing was happening in Iraq and Afghanistan while he was in the TA

    but 16 were in and out of those theatres during the time he was in before. NI in the 21st Century has been like serving anywhere else in the UK.

    But do you join wanting to go on tour and then leave if you dont get one?

    not true really is it, almost totally out of Iraq this year, Obama looking at how to remove US troops from Afghan, will the Brits stay if the US has all but pulled out? where are these other places and will we really go flying into them after getting our fingers burnt recently in two very unpopular wars?
  9. msr

    msr LE

    Everyone has different motivations for joining and staying in the TA.

    Perhaps he was frustrated at not getting an Afghan tour, perhaps work / family commitments meant he was running out of time and decided to have a break.

    Perhaps the next 2 wars will have popular backing.

  10. 1. The civil rising of the people against the Labour govt.

    2. ?
  11. msr

    msr LE

    2. Estate agents, bankers, lawyers, paedophiles etc up against the wall. not really a war, more of a cull.
  12. I like your thinking, can we use the TA for this?
  13. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Certain jobs (police, fire service etc) may require you to leave the TA, but will let you rejoin once you have finished your training and probation.

    Family circumstances may have been such that he felt it better to leave the TA than remain whilst not being an effective member of his unit.

    The key point is that he wants to rejoin, and wants to support regular forces deployed on ops.

    No arguments from this c/s
  14. One way ticket to Pakistan, one way trip to the border in Jingly cab, join the Taleban, BINGO! Tour on! Hope this helps
  15. Not quite, the Officer Trg part is done by RTC's now. Not OTC's. The main difference is that the PO's do it with other TA soldiers not pish drinking students who dont take it seriously. :wink: