Best watch for under £100

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by thecoops, Jan 15, 2012.

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  1. I want a good watch for the field/work. So what do you lot think the best watch to get for less than £100 ?
  2. Each to their own I suppose but it's always been a G Shock for me though I'm tempted by some of the Suuntos that are on the market (though a bit expensive).
  3. Buy a G shock.
  4. G-shock, or ten casio mk2s
  5. I have a Suunto watch that I rarely use, you can buy it for £100. It's pretty much new.
  6. I have a Tag F1, it's yours for that £100. cost me three times that.
  7. No good for use in the field though is it.
  8. It's no good for **** all. Why do you think I offered absolute clunge
  9. Jinxy, Any pictures of the F1 as I could be interested,

    PM otherwise

    OP: Traser P3, I use mine work purposes only, does exactly what I need it to, previously used G-Shock
  10. Of course its not. It's a cheap shit watch.
  11. Wait out,
  12. I used a baby G for years, although if you're going through phase 1 or any cadres a watch with luminous dial/hands is probably better. The backlight on G - Shocks is bright, it shouldn't give you away in the likes of ambush positions or on stag, but the DS are bound to notice that light at some point and go into one the only way a DS can. Besides that with luminous watch you only need to take one hand off your weapon to tell the time.

    Just cover it up if you're going to have a ****, it's a bit obvious.
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  13. Traser for sure
  14. G1098

    They are free.
  15. G-Shock with analogue and digi face for me. I've got a traser as well but price wise g-shock all the way