Best war songs

[It's here rather than the NAFFI as I want to err on the more serious].

1) It's a Long Way to Tipperary
2) Over the Hills and Far Away
3) Panzerleid

1) Highland Laddie
2) Lilleburo
3) Colonel Boogey
1. In The Fall (A.K.A. The Navy Song)- Billy Tallent
2. Fortunate Son- Creedence Clearwater Revival
Anything with the Pipes being played!
By the way wm1965 "Panzerleid" is correctly spelt "Panzerlied". You've written "leid" which means sorry
Off thread slightly now; My old man and I were coming down a mountain in California's Sierra Nevadas and
he started singing a bawdy song. Being an innocent 16 year old I asked what it was. "I'll tell you
when you're older." Fast-forward to 2003 and the old boy's had a stroke. He's in hospital, can't write, walk or speak.
... "Oh dad, I looked up Eskimo Nell on the 'net". He roared with laughter and kept chortling till we left. Apparently it's a favourite
with the RAF. The Ballad of Eskimo Nell - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Farewell to Sicily.

I visited a few of my favourite places from my youth recently and went to Syracusa, Sicily, birthplace of Archimedes. The allies saw action there in WWII. I cannot recommend the place enough. It's not an easy place to get by, but if you have a sense of adventure, a love of history and want to go off the beaten track then this is for you.

A war song I love is 'like soldiers do' by Billy Bragg. Check out the lyrics. Brilliant.

I am on iPhone so I can't post linkies to YouTube. I'm sure they are there.
Islands of No Return by Billy Bragg.

"After all this it won't be the same, messing around on salisbury Plain"

How very true...

You could do worse than get a copy of the 1969 film, "Oh What a Lovely War". It's like a "best of.." album, with all the classics. More recently, "Good Morning Vietnam" has all the favourites of our septic cousins. Favourite tune has to be "Black Bear"


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try and get hold of a copy of an album called " Come on Lads" by a group called "sods Opera". its a collection of wartime canteen songs. warning it is very explicit. you can pick up a copy from Amazon.


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Brothers in Arms Dire straits.
Lilly Marlene.
Warren Zevon - Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner

Warren Zevon's - Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner is well worth a listen


also Zevon's Lawyers Guns & Money
"The Boers have got my Daddy", originally sung by one Tom Costello.


Slightly off topic, but has anyone heard of a "comic" wartime song that went "Old Man Shickelgruber, your're going to lose the rubber, we're going to make you blubber ..." etc. Can anyone tell me if this was a genuine WW2 song or was it invented for some film or TV show?? I've tried tinternet to no avail.
What about 'Dad's going to kill me' by Richard Thompson?
Refers to Bagdad of course.

Taken from his 'Sweet Warrior' cd

Maybe not the best ever war song but certainly deserves a mention in dispatches.

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