Best war movies

Simple really. What do you people (experts?) think is the best war film in the world ever? Some sugestions

Goooooooooood Morning Vietnam - Nice soundtrack

Full Metal Jacket - Private Pile  as a name is almost captain pugwashesque in its brilliance

Saving Private Ryan - too long in my oppinion but got a fair bit of critical acclaim

The Dambusters - da da da dadada da (you know the tune)

Star Wars - Return of the Jedi - Maybe there should be a separate section for (Science) fictional wars (although it was in a galaxy far far away so who knows)
Stupid question of the board award.

Everyone knows it's Star Wars.  
Wild Geese
Bridge on the river kwai
the longest day
the great escape
where eagles dare
But what about the worst miltary film ever. Now there is a hotly contested title... Escape to Victory, Carry on up the Khyber, Tumbledown, Kelly's Heroes, Who Dares Wins. So many choices....
              Great Escape
               Battle Of Britain
                A Bridge too far

                 Who Dares Wins (Does that really qualify?)
                  Wings of the Apache (Even Nic Cage cringes)

Ok Yah, how can you say Kellys Heroes was crap? Have you no sense of rebellion?
Not exactly a fil, but anyone remember the 2-part mini-series "Warriors"? Damn brilliant.

Agree, Zulu best, FMJ 2nd for the one-liners from the Drill Sgt.


Look you lot; when this board was created it was for entirely serious intellectual debate.  Get a grip, stop talking about films except for their training and development value (the best and most realistic to date is the recce on the birthday party in Toy Story).

Has anyone not seen the latest inf simulator - Operation Flashpoint?  Won't run on Unicom or my issue laptop.  Bloody Army procurement.  Bah!


Operation Flashpoint...... be honest you haven't fully mastered the controls for tetris yet... mind you no-one has ever mastered the oh so simple UNICOM. Yes to reply to email just press the oh-so intuitive shift-ctrl-F5 key followed by alt-* and the insert key together.
Have you all gone mad?
Of course it is Cross of Iron, for training value alone, quite apart from the weird trippy bit in the middle!
Any film with the (almost) openeing line
 "Good kill"
must be a winner.

Got to go finish my horse-flesh sandwich and to count my toes...
Although not a film:

BLACKADDER - it must be good because thats the only thing we ever see when we go on course!

Worst Film: Blackhawk Down - the true story of a bunch of yanks doing what they do best - getting shot, dragged around the streets and calling it a victory

Apache Gunships 1500 : Somalis 16
Get a grip.

It has to be Zulu; "Do your tunic up, lad, remember where you are,"  " REAR RANK FIRE! ADVANCE!"

And, of course, Apocolypse Now.  "Outstanding, Red Leader.  Get you a case of beer for that one."
if you're gonna include mini series as well as films

1. saving private ryan of brothers

as best
Wasn't Warriors a film about gangland warfare in New York? Good film but not necessarily a war film (not enough guns).
best film, ZULU - got to be!

A great film all about the Empire bringing light to the darker regions of teh globe.....!


U71  - coz the bloody yanks make out they did it!
I can't believe no-one's thought to mention the "Sound of Music" yet.....
... you can't beat singing and dancing Nazis!!!
All together now:  "Climb every mounta....................



We've just added the complete Star Wars in South Parkesque cartoon form to the downloads page.  It even includes the music played by the pink things in the bar.  Nice.

Basically gentlemen, you must have it or your lives will not be complete.  

Oh, and this downloads business is a bit new, so let us know if you have any problems (on the admin board or to  Thanks!
Personally I rather like the little known Aussie effort, The Odd Angry Shot.

Excellent training material, particularly for those engaged in inter-arachnid gambling activities.

You're right and I wanted to mention it but just could not remember the name.  Thanks for reminding me.

Plus, although not a war movie, the fighting withdrawal as demonstrated in "Heat" is exemplary stuff.  Lots of double-tapping and changing mags in cover, that sort of thing.
What about the Longest day? Or was it the longest film?

What about Where Eagles Dare!   "Broadsword calling Danny Boy, Broadsword calling Danny Boy ----- Over!"

An absolute classic! It even had Eastwood in it looking sheepish compared to Richard Burton....

F@#K me! Nearly forgot the Guns of Navarone... you know with Richard Nixen and that Greek bloke, no, not Prince Philip.

Bollox film:  Got to be Who Dares Wins - Lewis Collins turned out to be a shirt lifter! I'll bet Bodie and Cowley from the Professionals were'nt impressed when they found that out....

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