Best War Movie Quote ever

Hard to choose really

"Are we going to die Colour Sgt?"
"Now Lad, face front and do up your tunic"

"Y'know what I think? Don't really matter what I think. Once that first bullet goes past your head, politics and all that shit just goes right out the window. " BlackHawk Down

"What is it with you Moriaty? Always with the negative waves"

"The Germans think WE are the Barbarians"
"Barbarians? Hell, I like that!" Band of Brothers

" Ah luv a bird wut talks dirty" Dogsoldiers

Apologies if I got some of those wrong :)
PartTimePongo said:
" Ah luv a bird wut talks dirty" Dogsoldiers
Glad to meet you too PTP!!!! :lol:
I hope you enjoy these quotes they are favourites of mine. (Sorry they are not from movies, but who cares!!)

"War is God's way of teaching Americans geography."
- Ambrose Bierce

"Army: A body of men assembled to rectify the mistakes of the diplomats."
- Josephus Daniels

"I never trust a fighting man who doesn't smoke or drink."
- Admiral William Halsey
"Any of you fu**ing pr**cks move and I will execute every mother fu**ing last one of you"

Pulp Fiction.

Better quote than An Affair to Remember eh?
"I love the smell of Napalm in the morning - its smells like...........victory".

Lt Col Kilgore - Apocalypse Now!
"Stupid is as Stupid does"

Forrest Gump....................... or was that GW talking to BLiar and Hoondog?


"Damn that Nolan. If the Army was run by officers as professional as him warfare would not be warfare, it would be outright bloody murder" Raglan in Charge of the Light Brigade.
Band of Brothers when they meet the retreating SPAM Inf. Retreating Officer warns the AB OC that the Germans are coming and they'll soon be surrounded.

The response, " We're Paratroopers son..........we're meant to be surrounded"
"Who's your Commanding Officer"

"Ain't you????" - Apocalypse now

"I feel the need , the need for speed" - Top Gun. Ok, when you're 16 it's kewl

Oh and Dale , sorry, the quote should read

"Ah luv it when a POSH burd talks dirty"

Errrr not that you ain't posh, well you know what I mean errrrr shagola, hand me the keys to that Digger will you?
Just about anything from "A Bridge Too Far".

Lt Col Frost's batman is packing the CO's luggage after frost has told him to put the golf clubs in the Staff Car the batman asks, "Are you sure you'll need your dinner jacket, sir?" Frost replies "I rather hope so."

Douglas Bader in "Reach for the sky"... Shortly after taking over command of the Wing, the Sgt clerk comes into his office with a foot-high pile of paperwork. Bader asks "What's this?"
"Paperwork for your attention, sir." replies the clerk.
Bader picks up the paperwork and drops it all in the bin. "There, it's had my attention." He then clumps out of the office and goes off to win the war.

Mr Happy

Though for sheer cornyness how's this from Predator:

bloke with grenade revolver thing "you're shot man, you're bleeding"

Blain (with minigun) "I ain't got time to bleed"
"Broadsword calling Danny Boy, Broadsword calling Danny Boy; come in Danny Boy"

I've got the DVD of Kelly's Heroes in this machine. Every other line is brilliant. "Negative waves..." etc.
Quote from the best film about the Vietnam War ever made.

" Cease fire !!! Cease fire !!! - I did not join this Army to shoot elephants, especially flying elephants"

Viet-Cong Officer - Operation Dumbo Drop. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Mr Happy

BlackHand said:
Quote from the best film about the Vietnam War ever made.

" Cease fire !!! Cease fire !!! - I did not join this Army to shoot elephants, especially flying elephants"

Viet-Cong Officer - Operation Dumbo Drop. :lol: :lol: :lol:

WTF are you talking about?
Mr H

Operation Dumbo Drop - Plot summary

During the Vietnam War, a village that American forces are using to spy on the Ho Chi Minh Trail has its sacred elephant killed by the North Vietnamese Army because they were cooperating with the Americans. The villagers need an elephant for a ceremony that will occur within the week. Captain Sam Cahill, an easygoing man who is heading home, and his hotheaded replacement Captain TC Doyle scrounge up another elephant with the help of sneaky supply chief warrant officer David Poole, luckless farmboy Lawrence Farley, and short-timer Harvey Ashford, and transport it across South Vietnam to get it to the village on time, running into all sorts of transport problems, personality conflicts, and an NVA squad that wants the Americans out of the village.

Whilst the elephant is decending to earth on the end of a rather large parachute the NVA Officer makes the above quote.

I hope this clears up any confusion.


Ps Don't rush out and get it on Vid/DVD - It's craaaaaap

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