Best War Film of all time?

Any suggestions fellas, I can't even come up with a favourite. Loads of good ones, Platoon, Apocalypse Now, Full Metal Jacket, Saving Private Ryan, Hamburger Hill to name but a few.
I blame the Government, it will all end in tears.
This thread already exists !

The answer was War of the Roses featuring Michael Douglas & Kathleen Turner
There is no answer, it's a matter of opinion, Omg too many single cells organisms on here......


I rather enjoyed "An Ungentlemanly Act", mainly for the line "Fuck off, you Dago bastard", and of course "Ice Cold in Alex", as John Mills' character downs a glass of Carlsberg, with a Series 1 Landy parked outside. Does this response meet your criteria?
The opinions are there you idle wretch.
Shouldn't you be out walking your whippet amongst the hills, amongst the people with 6 fingers on each hand? Yorkshire where your Mum is your girlfriend and your sister........

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