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Best War Film Involving The British Army???

The Way Ahead, without a doubt. Allegedly was shown as a training film at Sandhurst for many years afterwards.
Another low-budget one which I managed to get hold of on DVD recently, is Overlord (1975). Was produced & technical advice provided by the IWM, so you know the accuracy is good for that timeframe. Features a very young Nicholas Ball (Hazell) in his first film role. Check it out on Amazon.
tapas said:
dingerr said:
tapas said:
johno2499 said:
The Best of all gripping to the end and of course not forgeting the RE officer as always just giving a hand to win the day in bettween pushing a few pontoons into a wet gap
:sleepy: :toilet:
Reduced to using emoticons cant speak then? If you have something to say say it if not click on emoticions ?
[sigh]. I dumbed it down for you wedge heads, knowing that pictures would be easier. Clearly that is still to difficult - big words then:

The War Game?? Civil defence etc...

Not Matthew Brodericks' War Games..

or how about that training film about not sharing a towel - imetigo on the cheek..

Oh!!! sorry... best war fillum.... :oops:

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