Best War Book

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by Run_Charlie!, Jun 12, 2006.

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  1. Because books are always better than films :)

    Full Metal Jacket
  2. Sven Hassel - all of them!
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  3. "Stalingrad" - the beginning of the end.
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  4. For a good laugh I find Leo kessler hard to beat. Especially the ones set post 1943. Carnage, depravity, looting, Nazis. He had it all. Pity he then wrote history books under his real name of Charles Whiting, and didn't change his style. Fact and fiction are the same thing to old Leo / Charles.
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  5. You were right with the rabbit..
  6. Because I am dutch and we were responsible for deporting over 97% of our jewish population in WW2, Shindlers Arc does it for me. We take the piss out of what we do in Iraq, Afghanistan and my personal favourite OP BANNER. But we do this job for a reason for all our bluster, the only people who are confirmed pacifists are soldiers, and if the powers that be listened to us more often the world would be a better place.

    Sorry rant over!
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  7. Tough choice here, but I'll submit Pegusas Bridge as one of my favorites
  8. Two of my favourites are:

    'Warriors on Wheels' by Park Yunnie, who was 2IC of Popski's Private Army.


    'The Only Way Out' which is an infantryman's memoirs from Normandy to the Schwartzwald (jan '45). Excellent book, but I can't remember the name of the author offhand.

    Edit: It was R.M. Wingfield.
  9. Sagittarius Rising by Cecil Lewis about the early days of the RFC. Awesome.
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  10. Devil's Guard - George Robert Elford

    So good, I think it's still doing the rounds of the Coldstreams (lent to bro-in-law 15 years ago and not seen since).
  11. "Inside the Third Reich" by Albert Speer, Hitler's armnaments minister & pet architect. Truly fascinating insight into a bonkers regime.


  12. Berlin and Stalingrad by Beevor.
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  13. Not the ACF Manual..... I'm shocked :lol:
  14. Great books Rab, particularly liked "Berlin"

  15. With a moniker like that, I thought you'd say cross of iron!