Best wahhhh of your misses/ oh

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Bashplate, Feb 17, 2009.

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  1. So I just met up wth my misses for lunch and one of the first things she says to me is about how one of her friends 3 year old wah'd her dad last night.. and being a female she took a little longer than nessecary to tell this story, so i being your typical male interupted her, pointed at a picture on a wall of a bridge and said "whats that" which to my amazement she replied " a picture of a bridge".... instantly met with the biggest smuggest wahhh ive had for a while...
    She went bright red even tho none of the civvies around us had a clue what we were going on about..

    Anyone else had any similar wahs of the other halfs?
  2. i looked at my missus
    pointed to this thread and went "what's that?"
    she went "a boring thread"

  3. thats nice, you must be really bored to sit at the computer with the misses :D
  4. Funny that, my missus said the same :D
  5. fuk me,
    Seems like u cant post a thread on this site without getting your head bitten off,

    Owell a, gona go try real life again lol
  6. heh, shoulda put "missus looked up from my lap and went "a boring thread"
    c'est la vie
  7. You let your missus see what you type on ARRSE?!?!?!

    Brave, brave men :salut:
  8. Also try education, or a dictionary and a lot of practice :)
  9. Whats with the hostility on this site?
  10. You're not from around these parts are you?
  11. We've only just started -just hang around a bit
  12. Now then! This is a local site for local people.
  13. Obviously I don't mean anything by that if you are in Brigend or Deepcut areas.
  14. Rite,

    Off i trot
  15. does deepest darkest Dorset come under that umbrella or not?