Best use of time for running?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by usmarox, Mar 17, 2009.

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  1. Hi all,

    I started a new job a couple of months ago, but unfortunately the commute means I'm now struggling to find time for phys. I've reworked my schedule a bit so I get to work earlier, which (after stretching and showering time) gives me about 30-40 min to run.

    The problem is, I've got fairly limited distance to work with. I already get off one station early, and if I try getting off any earlier, I'll have to swim the Bristol Channel. Fantastic exercise, but not terribly practical.

    So, what's the most effective use of 3 miles?

    Alternatively, most training programs seem to have several types of run in a week - 2 steady state runs, a long run and a speedwork session. With the way my shifts work out, I could spend a week doing long runs, a week on speedwork etc. Is this practical/safe?

    Matters are coming to a head, since I'm transferring to the infantry soon, and I really need to up my game. All advice gladly recieved,
  2. How long do you have?

    I would say 2 fast 3 milers, 1 steady state (I use LSD abbreviation for this, long steady duration) and 1 interval/fartlek run would be good going.

    The LSD run and fartlek would be on the weekend though. Something approaching 35-50 minutes for them. Intervals would be either on the weekend or you could run 1 mile to warm up and then do 4-6 400m sprints with a 60s rest between each. Then you can jog what's left as a warm up.
  3. What the reason you are exercising?general health, fat loss, endurance?
  4. Read the post you retard!

    Fartlek/interval, steady state run (or recovery run if you did really hard intervals) and a balls out best effort every other week. Anychance you could get to a swimming pool for one session; they often have 'early bird' warly opening. Good luck
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  6. As I say, about 30-40min, as long as the trains are on time...

    I'd reached the conclusion that LSD had to wait for a day off too...can't reliably schedule trg for weekends though, on account of the TA.

    I like that. Will start dropping that in with a couple of steady 3mi and see how it works out. Of course, as fitness increases, I'll be able to do more distance in the same time, but for now it'll have to do.

    Thankyou kindly
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  8. For point 1) I meant how long have you got to reach your goals. I saw how long you had each morning from your initial post :) . Most peope start off with goals (ie drop 3 miler time down to sub 20 minutes in 3 months time). You mentioned transfering to the infantry, but you didn't mention how long you had until you transfered and things like sprints shouldn't be used all the time IMO. Phases of HIIT work should be included, but not a mainstay.

    Point 2) TA is every other weekend isn't it? The weekend you're not away, LSD work and fartlek.

    Point 3) The idea for the steady state 3 milers is indeed to decrease the time. But as you're fitness increases, there are plenty of things you can do mind run to kill yourself off (for example, some 400m sprints with 15 full burpees).
    I merely said about the 3 milers though because I assumed you were using that as a benchmark on your fitness.
  9. Sorry, my misunderstanding...solid PFT pass in time for CIC. Unfortunately, I don't know when that is yet, but the earliest it's likely to be is end of July/beginning of August. Plenty of time to get to the standard, I just want to make sure I'm getting the best use of the limited time in any given day.

    The 3 mile thing is just's the distance between the station and work.

    Thanks for the suggestions, though. Definitely got a bit more confidence about it working now.
  10. Oh right.

    Yeah you have plenty of time to go from failing it at the moment (what is your current 1.5 mile time?) to passing it with flying colours.
  11. Having now done my MATTs this weekend, 10:40. Which isn't a pass, but is a lot better than I expected.