best unit to join?

Discussion in 'REME' started by nog1, Feb 9, 2006.

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  1. hi, im starting basic soon and going in the reme as a vechile mechanic. can anybody let me no what units are the best to join? i would like to get posted in germany. cheers
  2. Nog,

    Welcome to the Army, to REME and ARRSE! I hope you enjoy your time.

    As a Class 3 tradesman you will not have much choice where you are posted - MCM Div (the posting authority) decides where you go. You can express a preference, but there is nothing to stop them ignoring you!

    As it happens, only one third of postings in REME are now in Germany. Two thirds are in the UK, so it is more than likely that you will end up in the UK.

    However, that is a long way in the future. have to pass basic training, and then convince the REME that you are suitable for training as a vehicle mechanic. Then you pass the trade training in Bordon (Bordon is a special part of the test :lol: ) and specialise in tanks or trucks. And pass that bit. Only then are you posted to a unit - any unit with a vacancy. It's a lucky dip in that respect. You might get a good unit, and you might get a bad unit (but there are precious few of them). A unit (or a posting) is what YOU make of it. Sit in the corner and complain that you have ended up in Tidworth when you wanted Germany, and the posting will be foul and your annual report will reflect that. Engage with the unit, learn, work, train and play hard, and your time will fly by and you will for ever have good memories of that unit. Your CR might be good, too.

    But all of that is a long way in the future! Pass the course first!

    I wish you luck with your career! And if you didn't want a career, then you might be in the wrong place!

  3. thanks
  4. Nog

    Thats sound advice. Work hard play hard is a popular analogy because its true. Take every opportunity to get out and do sports, adventure training and all the social stuff too.

    Get through basic training and your trade training and enjoy!!
  5. never listen to noshers who tell you not to go tiffy.
  6. Heywood,
    You should go Tiffy!

  7. i'll put an hour aside for a PAAB!
  8. wots tiffy?
  9. dont ask
  10. I'm not REME but I'm (slightly) involved in this kind of thing and can tell you that out of 1277 VM (A) posts, 720 are currently located in Germany compared to 760 for 2200+ VM (B). So, statistically speaking, if you want the best chance of landing a posting in Germany, try to get streamed VM (A) rather than VM (B).

    Hope that helped!
  11. Thanks wedge, dunno where you got your info from but useful for nog1.

    nog1, just to explain a bit of what wedge said, VM (A) is working on tracked stuff like tanks, where as VM (B) is wheeled stuff like trucks and Land Rovers.

    But as Litotes said earlier, that's a long way in the future, just keep it in mind ;-)

    Anyone know how this is decided these days? Is it just next 12 blokes for the next available course?
  12. Yeah but its now called something like 'Attendance relative apptitude non-biased selection' or some such bowlacks..........

    Mind you thats how they did it when I turned up, but the BRATS got to choose!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????? Still, I'm handsom AND a B Mech/U Mech/whatever...........
  13. thanks for the info everyone, i was thinking about going for b mech just so id have something to fall back on in civi life. is it that good for civi life as from what i no il only be working on land rovers and that??
  14. Having been a B Mech I would say go A if you're given the opportunity. The junior course covers the same basics and when you get to upgraders you just spend a bit more time on tracked kit. The overlap betweenthe equipment types you'll train will mean that if you're an A mech you can do anything a B mech can, but if you're B mech you're limited to wheels and light tracks - Saxon, CVR(T), 430s etc. To be more employable in the future I would say go A.
  15. Also being an "A Mech" means you can stand up to pish.