Best Uniform?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by sooms, Apr 15, 2008.

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  1. Bit of a hypothetical question but I've often wondered what ARRSE members would consider to be the smartest/most ally/best working and combat uniform worn by the British Army over the century's?- not counting modern stuff

    Scarlet tunic/ shako?
    Rifle Green eg Sharpe?
    Scarlet tunic/white helmet eg Zulu?
    WWII Battledress?
    WWII Para?
    8th Army Desert?
    Civil War Roundhead?
    Starkers..painted blue eg Ancient Briton?

    My favourite would be 1914 Tommy before issue of steel helmet
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  2. Cav, circa Balaclava, HUZZAR!!!
  3. Like this outfit myself

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  4. WW 2 B D was still on issue when I joined in 68 I remember shaving the trousers to get them thin enough to get a crease in. But you can stuff the KF shirts and all the B Ds itch like the devil would have been murder in hot climate. So you say no modern stuff how many bods do you expect to find that can coment on practicality of the earlier uniforms. Re enactors use modern materials for comfort so not strictly accurate. In which case you are talking the most pleasing to look at and that has to be 11th Hussars PAO Officer in full rig circa Crimean war though other regiments may have different views also to be respected.
    Once an Hussar always an Hussar... note the "an " not "a" as this seems to be going out of fasion
  5. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    No question at all. Has to be this.

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  6. Remember the old maxim "the side with the simplest uniforms usually wins"
  7. IMHO the best kit I ever wore was the old green pre-DPM combats. Triple thick and extremely well made.

    I still have a set for the garden...
  8. Napoleonic Rifle green e.g sharpe looks bloody great it does
  9. Agree wholeheartedly!!

  10. Properly tailored service dress from between the wars for me. Plenty of opportunity for the military dandy to fancy it up with plaited cap bands, pattern wound puttees, walking cane and a f**k off big moustache.
  11. I think the "Britischer Frei Korps" cut a dash in those natty Waffen SS uniforms, hugo boss designed don't you know.

    As for the rest, historically we've pretty much always looked like a bag of nails, perhaps we need to get a designer involved or perhaps Trinny and Susannah?
  12. Smartest?

    Oh come on... the answer's easy! :D

    The only way know the smartest uniform is to apply the "Wedding Test" and No 1 Alpha is a proven winner - after all it's the culmination of hundreds of years fine tuning...

    Most Ally?
    Not sure the uniform can ever by ally by definition, although I reckon a mid 19thC Indian Cavalry officer's campaign dress would get it. High jackboots, crimson pantaloons, blue shalwar kameez with scarlet waist sash topped with a turban and massive 'tache? Yes please

    Best Working Dress
    My vote goes to the RTR of the 70s. An effortless marriage of two timelessly classic looks - black coveralls mimicing the SS and a ludicrous cav-style cravat. Sartorial bliss.

    Best Combat Dress
    Go to be the Aussies in the Western Desert, WW2. Massive shorts, long socks, desert boots, slouch hat, rifle.... and beard. Class.

  13. The key point is that no two officers should ever look the same. Other than that I'm not fussed.
  14. This does it for me :D :D :D

  15. I'm a sucker for WW1/pre-WW2 cavalry service dress, but for classic dandy-allyness,, then look no further than Paddy Leigh Fermor in occupied Crete: