Best UK mobile broadband? User opinions?

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by 4(T), Oct 9, 2008.

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  1. I've decided that I don't have enough useless gadgets already, so I want to get a mobile broadband dongle for my laptop.

    I have a spare Orange mobile account that I could probably get them to swap for a mobile broadband deal, but reading through this July '08 PC Pro review (PC Pro review) it looks like T Mobile deliver the best all-round service. I particularly like the fact that they include free use of their WiFi network as a fall-back.

    I'm in the SE, so network coverage shouldn't be an issue. (BTW, I use MacDonalds free wifi when travelling abroad - ironic that McD provides a better business resource than any of the telecomms companies!). I'm interested more in reliability and cost over ultimate bandwidth, as I'm looking for basic email and web browsing access rather than video/ downloads, etc.

    The PC Pro review was written before the summer and may be out of date by now, so I was wondering if anyone has any practical experience and opinion about the various services?
  2. I use a 3 mobile thingy and it works fine plus you get three free months use.
  3. I've got a T-Mobile mobile broadband dongle-£15 a month on a 18 month contract. I use it during the week on the base as I've got Sky broadband at home and don't use it there.

    According to T-Mobile, I should have excellent coverage at my unit. However, it took 24 seconds for the BBC News webpage to load last night. I don't class that as 'excellent coverage'. It does speed up from time to time though but I've yet to be able to download mp3's or movies or even go on Youtube. I think if I used it in a different accom block it wouldn't be a problem so it's probably a very localised issue-I'll try it at home this weekend and see what it's like there.

    There is image compression issues as well-you can download a fix for it if you're using XP or Vista but those of us using OS X haven't got a solution yet.

    Their tech support aren't that bad though and are quite helpful to be honest. I'm getting an Iphone 3g this weekend so I'll be able to check whether the free wifi is good or not (you need to take the sim card out of the usb dongle, insert it into an unlocked phone, text a number and they'll send you an access code that allows you to log on for free in any t-mobile hot spot. That's quite handy considering the 'free' access provided by O2/Iphone is only 200mb per month)

    3 are cheap but remember that if you go over your data allowance, they will charge you £102 per gb whilst T-Mobile and Vodafone will only charge you £15 per gb AFTER they warn you for kicking the arse out of it.
  4. and to be fair you would have to really cane it for TMob to charge you
    they seem to tend to warn you for a couple of months & only then do they spank you :wink:

    have a look on modaco they tend to have a lot of mobile broadband stuff/reviews
  5. I use Vodafone.....good speed.....good price.
  6. I think it may depend quite a bit on how many in your area use the same supplier. I use a 3 dongle and when I first got it it was quite fast, now that there are a few others in the mess with them it is noticeably slower during the evening when most people are using them.
  7. Me too, fast enough for streaming video.