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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by ChristopherRobin, Mar 18, 2009.

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  1. Hi guys. I left the Army last year and I'm on a mission to be fitter than I ever was when I was in (believe me, that's a pretty low target), and while i always hated running, that's changing as I'm training for a bonkers event in Ireland, The Warrior's Run.

    On the heart rate monitor thread I mentioned that a great HRM was the Garmin 305 so I'm basically repeating what I said there, sharing tools for what really helps me to train and maybe hoping that if you have any similar tools you could stick them in here.

    Here's what I said on the HRM thread:
    Anyone else got any great tools that they use to keep them on the straight and narra' or to help them train better?
  2. I'd advise that having legs is pretty usefull, and some sort of footwear.
  3. A decent pair of trainers. Not expensive nessecarily, but a decent pair that are zero'd to you through use. Without them you'll get nowhere! My mp3 player is the other thing that I really struggle without, I get very very very bored running, so it's good to have tunes on! Other than that, comfy socks shorts and a top and away I go!
  4. Too true. I was beginning to get shin splints in my right leg which I'd never had before so I nipped into Up and Running who do gait analysis and I could see that I was pronating when running so I was able to get a pair of trainers to offset this and my legs are back to normal.

    MP3 player essential, natch.
  5. Bad CO

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    Oh having a dossy job that means you only do a couple of hours work every week is also handy ........
  6. ....You've met me then? It's great isn't it?
  7. Bad CO

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    Frankly I have no idea how you can bear to even look at yourself in the mirror anymore ............
  8. Apparently, ChrisRobin has more grey hair than Richard Gere now. And thats the only comparison he has to Gere. ;)

    Oh, plus he's a stinking civvy now.......
  9. yes Flash, I am now a civvy, and it's great (glad it's all over etc).

    Because I'm still flying as opposed to what I would be doing if I'd stayed in (making tea for you probably)

    i miss the old times, but if I'd stayed in, and been posted to the MOD, I'd still be missing the old times!

    Good to see you're still cutting about!
  10. That warriors run looks like fun.

    15k in sub 2 hours 30 minutes.

    End of august is quite aways away. I might enter that just to see how I do (ie die trying to complete it). I need an event to aim to.
  11. I did the full route in 1 hr 27 this morning (9.1 miles). If you're going to come do it then pm me. Oh and by the way, it is traditional to get completely shiters in the bar afterward.
  12. That takes the cake. You get the opportunity to practise the actual route.

    Isn't it traditional to get completely ratted after any atheltic endeavour ;).

    Now I've seen it I've sent out feelers to some mates to see if they would want to try it with me. Does it get fully booked?
    I see not that many people do it, so I was thinking not booking until July time.
  13. this is the 25th anniversary, so they're expecting over 500 people. Registration is open now. There's never been any upper limit before, and i guess there won't be this time.

    Oh and it's not the best place to be doing a race kitted out in boots, combats, reggie t-shirt and beret for charity, just in case you were thinking along those lines!!!