Best training are and best training you have ever done

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by 5.56mm, May 3, 2006.

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  1. 1.What do you think the best training area is?

    2.What is the best training you have ever undergone?

    1.Sailsbury plain or Swynerton

    2.Shooting at otmoor or fibua at imber village in sailsbury plain
  2. Pre-release training in Basildon.
  3. Best training area would have to be BATUS, and best training?......Definately NOT being fukcing tasered......
  4. Wee man you are outstanding :D Promise me you will not lose your enthusiasm or your bouncebackability :D

    There are hundreds nay thousands of Trg Areas around the world and a lot of them are hands down better than anything you have named, although its not all about where but who planned it 8)

    A slightly better question IMHO would be:

    a. What is the best training you have undergone?
    b. Where was it?
    c. Why was it the best?

    Company Live firing Ex
    Baldy Beacons, Belize
    Demanding environment, tough exercise, out of my normal job and very satisfying.

    Keep asking questions fella but not too many :D

  6. a. Platoon live fire with GPMG and 81mm support fire
    b. Brecon
    c. Genuinly demanding and always good to do 'proper soldiering' rather then attempting to replicate the police

    And a close second -

    a. platoon live fire with Huey insertion and extraction
    b. Republic of Georgia
    c. a. pretty much covers it

    edited to add 2nd lot of answers cos im too lazy to add another reply
  7. Best training area would have to be BATUS, and best training?......Definately NOT being fukcing tasered......
  8. That must be the longest pause between double taps ever :D
  9. Hohne battle run
    Hohne (strangely enough!)
    Getting 2nd round target even though suffering trunnion tilt due to wagon being rammed 30 odd degrees sideways up a bank. Nice driving Gaz!

    Stay keen young fella
  10. 1. OTA

    2. Boxhead wings course, leaping out of CH53 and doing more jumps in a morning than the British army manages in a week!
  11. Night shoot with gpmg in the ukraine hill side of dry long grass and several belts of 1 in 1 :lol: .By the time we finished didnt need cws or any sort of illumination :lol: .The whole range packackage was outstanding realistic ammo amounts and few restrictions .
  12. Pairs fire and manouver in South Georgia mid winter
  13. 1. Winter training in Norway - all the good stuff after completing novices (of course I've got my f***ing pocket contents tw*t).
    2. Jungle training in Belize - esp doing med cover for live firing final camp attack.
    3. BATUS a great area, but had a sh*t exercise due to being stuck at AAC Tac HQ. Best thing was the R and R in Edmonton and throwing hot coins at the strippers in Cheetahs (how we laughed - almost as good as throwing hexy blocks at kids at bonbon corner in Bosnia - yawn)

    Best Ops - Sierra Leone 2001, Telic 2 2003. Worst Ops - Bosnia 95/96/97 - groundhog day anyone?!