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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Scrumjosh, Sep 6, 2010.

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  1. I am currently going through the Army Officer selection process, gearing towards the Para Regt, and I have some intelligent questions.

    After doing various fam visits, insight course and aosb brief I've found some areas of my fitness far above the average with pressups 115, situps 75, heaves 14 and destroying the assault courses, circuit training and the general beastings.

    However I had some distinctive weaknesses. I am definitely not a natural runner as my main sports are all combat based. Consequently I have great upper and lower body explosive power for strikes in 3min rounds but not very much endurance and even less speed endurance for long runs etc. This was/is not a problem though as I can easily train running around my town. My run time was just under 10min, want to be under 9mins if I want to be a Para Officer though. MSFT is about 11-12 but I want to get it to 13-14. I am starting a 3 year degree so have ample time to reach my aims.

    BUT here is the problem.
    I found my strange fitness left me absolutely smashed on the log race. I know this is ******* hell for everyone but I can easily dig deep and power through anything I find like hell but not this. I am a short guy too which might not help. I am really pissed off as I impressed the staff on all other events but crashed out half way through the log!
    Now I am wanting to train my ******* balls off to improve my log abilty but I dont know how?

    How can I train for the log race seeing as noone I know would be mental enough or man enough to do it with me. Is there a way to train for it as it is my only problem and I want to ******* rock the shit out of P coy etc.

    cheers chaps
  2. Call me a ******* retard, but I think you may want to improve running.
  3. Guess what? Para regt will put you through things you will never, ever be able to train for. Extract brain, insert KF shirt and give it max.
  4. Welcome to the world of battle PT.

    The bad news is that no matter how fit you get or how many times you do it, it will never ever get any easier and you will still suffer. Which is why a bit of bottle and grit is expected of you.

    The good news is that (if your lucky enough), you might be put out of your misery before you reach the finish line by your heart and lungs exploding out through your chest.

    If your aiming to be an officer with Para Reg then I would reccomend getting your run time down WELL below 9mins.

    A 9 minute run time would see you towards the back end of the bottom third of a company BFT alongside the old steady war horse Platoon Sgt's etc.

    Young thrusters are expected to lead their blokes so you want to be aiming to be around the 8 minute dead mark if not quicker.

    "Scuttles" and "Russian Running" are a good lung bursting excercise you could easily do by yourself. Like I said It won't help but it might get you into the habbit of running until you drop.
  5. Good advice HTD.

    Ruperts should lead from the front, particularly on runs & tabs.

    If you can't do that, you won't last 10 seconds.

    I know Platoon Sergeants that can knock out a 7.30 BFT!
  6. Make an interval running programme for yourself with three intense sprinting sessions a week.
    I'm looking to get down from 8.54 to sub 8.30 in in the next two months. I'm planning on doing three sprint sessions a week.
    I've broken down the session as follows: 1*800m sprints 2*400m, 4*100m (jog same distance after each sprint so as to be continuously running/active, then as soon as you get back to your starting line sprint again)
    In effect you will be doing 3 miles of constant running, however you will also be doing 1.5 miles at a sprinting pace. This should, I hope (for my sake too), help improve your time. Also I found uphill sprints to be a good way of getting that agreeable feeling of wanting to vomit your own lungs, helps a lot for ring fitness too if that's what you are in too.

    Hope this helps,

    Enjoy the hills.
  7. Cheers sandmanfez I'll try the kettlebell training if i can get 1 for cheap.

    Canader I know you do ridiculously difficult tests but my mind/body powered through all the other crap but my body just caved in on the log coz i have some holes in my fitness. I'm trying to fill those gaps with training so my body can handle it but I know it will still be ******* tough no matter how much training I do.

    Honkey cheers for the advice i thought 9min would be ok but now im gonna get it down to 8 or 7.30 if i can - got 3 years so should be ok. I have searched for scuttles and russian running but all i can find is "shuttles" and "pose running" by some russian sports scientist? Is russian running just running with a kettle bell? and what are scuttles?
  8. Russian running - (just the blokes name for a particularly hideous type of shuttle excercise)

    Set out a flat stretch of ground between 20 -40 metres long. Your partner starts at one end, you at the other. Your partner will start off by sprinting towards you. Once he reaches you he immediatley begins burpees/bastards while you sprint off towards the line he began at. Once you reach the line you begin your burpees/bastards and shout across to your partner to "go". Where upon he now completes two lengths while you continue your burpees. This goes onwards and upwards until you have both completed ten lengths which is when you have a quick breather and then begin again from ten down to one.

    As long as you don't jack and give it your all on every sprint then you will both be spewing your rings up and making your heart and lungs seriously work.

    This was a popular excercise amongst the blokes when space is lacking like when working out of FOB's/ SF bases etc.

    I forgot to say that Helmets, body armour and webbing are worn at all times and some lunatics would carry 7.62 ammo boxes during the sprints too.

    "Scuttles" are the same as above but carried out on a very steep hill side in full fighting order and include little extras like "bunnyhops".
  9. That is a crap picture and if this was the real log race both them at the front would have heard the infamous words "GET OFF THE FUCKING LOG" and regardless of how tall/short you are your arm should be straight def not bent.
  10. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs


    twothreeuptwothreedown is an expert on knocking out a quick one !!!

  11. Maybe you should just train more with that enormous hand bag of yours?

    Look, as well as 2 miles of telegraph pole torture, you'll be doing a hilly 10 miler in 1 hr 45 mins, if you want to get full marks, carrying about 45lbs and wearing boots. If you do the arithmetic (get help from a scaley if required) that means you will have to RUN most of the way with a bergen on. It's called a beasting for a reason.

    Do lots of that type of training (30 miles a week would be about right) outside in the mud, as it will keep you away from the gym's pec deck, mirrors and cappucino bar, where it seems you are spending the time remaining in your day after getting your hair blow dried down the salon.
  12. cheers for the advice/abuse.

    gonna crack on with the scuttles, russian running and kettlebell training so I smash the log

    im thinking a 10kg KB on right arm for 1mile in 6min then change arms and repeat a few times
  13. Steal a roadside sandbag you poof

  14. P Comany is a runners course, so if you want to improve on the log, stretcher, steeplechase etc just RUN MORE!!!! Forget fannying around and trying to run with a sandbag or kettlebell strapped to your arm - just get out and run distance, hills, fartlek, intervals, sprints and throw in some tabbing. Its going to hurt whatever you do, so just focus on getting fitter.