best trade for when i leave?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by SGTsaladfingers, Apr 26, 2009.

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  1. so im seriously thinking about joining the army. one of the major factors in deciding a trade is what i can get out of it when i leave the army, if i chose to. Which trade can bring the most successful job when i leave? i have straight c's at GCSE. thanks
  2. Not even in and already referring to yourself as a Sgt? Perhaps you should be more thinking about how you can benefit the army and NOT how the army is going to benefit you?
    Or to to be more sensible about an answer for you. How about doing something that either:

    a. You enjoy, or
    b. Something you have never done before?

    P.S. Straight C's eh? I've heard about the 'everyones a winner' education culture under Nu Labour but TBH I'd only ever brag about straight A's in the future!
  3. no one can really tell you what to do , its your own choice .

    ull come out with a qualification on any trade really so.

    like going infantry im gunna worry about this stuff later on in life.
    im only 17 so still got ages to learn.
  4. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Successful in what? Financial success? Job satisfaction? All down to you mucker, you can be a multi-millionaire chef if you want or you could be a techno-geek with sod all interest in doing anything beyond sitting behind your XBox. Your question actually reads: 'What's the best job to get rich beyond my wildest dreams without not doing much?' Suggest you heed the advice above and concentrate on picking something that you might actually enjoy, if you decide you don't like it and want to do something else, change. You've got your whole life ahead of you, why not just enjoy it for the time being?
  5. don't try to fall into the you have to get a trade or when you leave the army you are going to live the rest of your life livving off benefits, having a trade is not the only job you can do you know, my dad was in the navy, left with no civvy quals and is now a Financial Advisor and earning more than he likes to let on haha (knob)
  6. all trades are good, however it just depends on how good you are when you leave
  7. If you are looking at success post-Army already, go for Sandhurst. It produces world class leaders - which must look good on the CV. Or, join up, have fun, then think about resettlement after a couple of years of drinking.
  8. Good on ya young 'un, The army will give you resetlement etc after about 5 years service but its not worth much unless you want to drive trucks/be a tiler/ an underqualified plumber or one of the other generic jobs that wont offer you the best of careers.

    I love my job and have been doing it now for 13 years but my biggest regret is that if i left the army tomorrow I would have virtually no quals to fall back on!

    Think REME or please forgive me for saying this.... The engineers, one of these fellows may want to correct me but they seem to have the monopoly on useful skills for civvy street.

    Be under no illusion, the Army will look after you while you are useful but as soon as you decide enough is enough then you are on your own. Feather your nest from day one and get as much as you can from the system. A career in the army doesn't have to be 22 years, thats why you can sign off, but, you never know, you might just like it!
  9. The Royal Engineers have a wealth of trades that will set you up pretty well for future emploibility. If you have the brains join the RE, get 8 - 10 years experience then go off on your Clerk of Works course. You will never be short of job offers if you pass the course. A lot of guys say it is the best resettlement course the Army does.

    I would also say the REME offer some pretty good trades for employability when you leave as people will always need their vehicles fixing.

    Like commzmeanzbombz says, it is all very well joining the infantry, tankies, artillery etc but there really isn't much call for a mortar crewman on civvy street.
  10. Sorry plant life ,but most of aren't tankies we are cavalry! :roll:
  11. Either way still not a great deal of use for CVR(T) operators, gunners or commanders on civvy street. You may get your C+E if you are lucky but that's it.
  12. cheers for the information guys. I wasnt trying to be an ass saying i have C's, i just knew someone would probably ask what quals i have to give me better advice, so i thought i would say. I do want to pick a job i enjoy, but also something that would give me a good,well paid job for when i leave. So i have been thinking aircraft or avionics tech. it looks good. but ive heard the postings and stuff are a bit naff. i just want to travel, have a good fun job, and then not have to worry about a good career for when i leave. or is that a bit unrealistic? cheers
  13. Good jobs whilst in but it is a difficult industry to break into when you leave. I think there are specialist quals that the Army doesn't pay for that you to get that you need to work on civvy aircraft. Best ask on the AAC forums for a definate answer.
  14. Mate as others have said its down to you and what you enjoy doing that will determine what sort of employment you wish to consider post Army. I saterted in one traid, got bored with it, and transfered to something else. Have a look, consider what you want to do and what you think you will enjoy, then worry about future careers in a few years. You will find as you get older your aspirations, ideas of what you want will change
  15. I do believe there is a thread somewhere that demonstrates what many ARRSE members did when serving and what they are doing now. IIRC, the vast majority are doing something completely different from their army trade\role.
    One thing the army will give you (given time) is a complete belief in yourself, which is why many branch out into a different and better paid career path. As a civvy though you will lack this insight, as do many who are still serving. It is only once released into the wild once more that many find their other skills and talents coming to the fore.