Best trade for travelling to and from Newcastle

Sorry if this is in the wrong section it’s my first post. I’m joining up as soon as I’ve finished my GCSE’s and I want to join either as a vehicle mechanic, general fitter, aircraft technician or avionics. I have no problem with doing my phase one in Harrogate but everywhere else for phase 2 is at the other end of the country to Newcastle. I’m equally interested in all 4 trades but want to be spending minimal time/money getting there and back on weekends and on leave. Please bear in mind my 17th birthday is in April so I won’t be able to drive for the first 4 months or so of my phase 2 training but I plan to get a car as soon as I can.
Vm- Lyneham for 46 weeks
General fitter- camberly for 9 weeks then Chatham for 41 weeks
Aircraft technician- 66 weeks at Lyneham
Avionics- 82 weeks at Lyneham
Also if I wanted to go into aircraft or avionics I would have to be in the south of England as all of the aac are stationed there, i really don’t think I would be able to go home on weekends if I did because the journey just takes too long even if I did have a car. Just asking for peoples opinions.
Join the RN and wait until the boat comes in.

To be serious, your perspective will change once you've been away from home for a while, going back to the toon will not be as important. Avionics is a good and challenging trade with much better pay on the outside. Lyneham is well placed for lots of good stuff, easy to travel into London and the world is your oyster...
If there was one bit of kit I missed when I left it was that.

There’s loads of bits of kit I miss:

Dustbins that haven’t been polished to a mirror shine don’t seem to work so well, Brasso that hasn’t had all the paint scraped off the tin to leave just the RA doesn’t seem to work at all and socks that haven’t been stored boxed up with little bits of cardboard to make smiley faces are just plain uncomfortable.
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