best trade for responsibility/promotion prospects?

Hi all. Im am ex RAF armourer who has been out of the military for three years. In that time i have been to college and got a full time engineering job. I desperately miss the military way of life however and clearly made a mistake im leaving. So i have made contact with my local afco to go in and have a chat.
My question is about army trades. I am 26 and would really like to be working in a job where the chance to have a bit if responsibilty is available to me early on in my career. Also wondering what roles in the army have better promotion prospects than others? I expect to be shot down in flames for not using the good old search function but in my defence there is so many different roles available in the army and I dont even know where to begin. Any pointers would be appreciated so I can have a bit of an idea of what i want to do before I go to the afco.
Ha ha thanks. So succinct. I was thinking of something more technical,and less,em...well not police anyway. I apologise for the vagueness of my original post but im jusy looking for a bit of insight. Looked through the careers website several times but i know from previous experience that doesn't always reflect the reality of the job.
REME VM. Go to an armoured LAD and drive/fix tanks (over monkey's). Be a crew commander; 68 tonne panzer 4 crew fix stuff.
Maybe some kind of appache avionics tech type?
Royal Signals CS Engineer. As a grown up you would handle the responsibility of bring a LCpl out of training better than the 18/19 year olds who normally get it.
Ammo Tech.

It's not uncommon to be a WO2 after 8 years.

There's an immense about of responsibility that you seek and diversity so you won't get bored.

All ranks higher pay band after LCpl. Oh and you start at LCpl, no Ptes in the trade.
Ammo tech certainly looks interesting, as does OPMI. To the two guys who suggested these; would it be ok to pm you for more questions about the jobs?
no worries.
Military Railwayman/Railway Operator was a good trade for promotion and pay before the job was binned.

Not many serving 18 years old (A3 Railwayman) had possession and responsibility for a locomotive, a rake of warflats loaded with main battle tanks, (insert ammo trucks, ambulance coaches, etc) driving on German railway lines/signalling system, possible a L/CPL, CPL before 20, SNCO at 24ish.

Ah the good old days.

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