Best Toy Gun?

As a kid growing up in the 1960's the cupboard in my bedroom was a veritable arsenal of toy guns - several Lone Star cowboy pistols, a rather good Luger, a James Bond P38 (with a silencer). and who can forget the black plastic Airfix FN Rifle with a ridiculous thin barrel that always broke when I attached the soft grey plastic bayonet and tried to stab my kid sister. Airfix also made a Thompson sub-machine and I seem to remember a plastic Mk 4 steel helmet (the one we had befor the Mk 6).

Then there was the classic Johnny Seven - now that's what you call a toy gun - a sort of Gimpy on steroids. I saw one for sale on e-bay recently- went for about 400 quid - I think I later swapped mine for a few football programmes. If we only knew then what we know now....

Who remebers Seikeden (?) pistols that fired dried peas - brilliant stuff!

What were your favourites?
I had the FN that shot red plastic bullets which were loaded into the magazine and the grey plastic bayonet which on a good day would draw blood!
I also had the Luger and the Mk4 helmet...........................................did we play together as kids?
Ah toy guns, fantastic, brings back memorys
i had a fn Fal as well, but if memory serves me correctly it use to shoot yellow things, my mum was forever bitching about me shooting her when she was cooking or such like.
Also remember i had a blake 7 gun , that fired ping pong balls, which i thought was equally great, till years later i seen a woman fire them distances the blake 7 gun could have only dreamed of!

As an Uncle i deemed it my duty to get my nephews into toy guns, and buy them machine guns etc... only for my brother to confiscate them almost immediately due to the noise, and the fact my nephew But stroked him across the grinner once!!
I could swear I had one of those Mk4s when I was about 8 or 9, and it had a camo-net on it. Cue me going down the park one Sunday, jamming every bit of vegetation I could find onto it, and then having dried, dead leaves kicking about the house for 6 months :D

There's only one photo of me wearing it, but the angle is such that I can't determine whether or not it's a Mk4 (much to my annoyance).
"THE SONIC GUN" like a Winchester underlever shotgun it would knock down targets at 20m(by air pressure),but my dad also allowed me to use his single barrell "Winchester"12 bore to shoot seagulls if they bothered our chickens(from the age of 10) I sometimes overexageratted the circumstances in order to use the weapon and before you know I was taking it all over the place and killing all sorts of wildlife(and I never got caught)
Forget what it was called, but it was an air pressure shotgun which I had in the early 70's. It had to be reloaded by breaking in half (which was a struggle for a 7/8 yo). It got me into soooo much trouble with passing UDR patrols. My dad ended up binning it after repeatedly telling me that the UDR were not the bad guys. They got their pay back 21 years later and I'm still in :lol:
The Black FN was cool, had several as i broke the barrels off.
A kid I was with at school, aged about 8, had a Top Banana Mauser 98K, that looked very realistic to my kiddy eye. It made very impressive sounds when the bolt action was used! I pined for one, for about two years without success.
A lovely luger which got swiftly binned after i was told offf for "executing" hostages (my little brother) in the back garden.

I was also barred from returning to friends houses (and they weren't allowed to visit me) after I created toy guns from lego/sticks (or whatever was available).

One of my childhood friends had a great collection of wooden guns, all handmade by his Dad, i remember running round fields with wooden Tommy guns and various rifle replicas. Such fun for an 7yr old. And I was occasionally allowed to fire the air-rifle, I do think teaching respect for firearms breeds safety in later life.
Bizarre isn't it? - toy gun. I'm no peace nik, but charging around with guns pretending to shoot things doens't seem quite right somehow. What they should have done of course is made toy guns that you had to clean and that meant a whole world of hurt is you left them lying around. It would have put you off for life.

From a touchy feely modern perspective we really should have limited ourselves to BFO knives (with retractable blades), light sabres, swords and Lego claymore mines and the Playtel NBC warfare set. Much more healthy.
Only slightly off topic but it's kind of related and I can't see where else I can post this type of Q.

I've just joined the Singapore Rifle Assoc. and over here the max. calibre of rifle you can shoot is .22

The missus (kind lass that she is) has offered to get me a rifle for the old b/day and I was wondering if folk had any good recommendations?



My favourite toy gun was a metal revolver (with revolving cylinder) which fired the red plastic 'big bang' caps. This got confiscated after a couple of Indian boys - I seem to remember - got blown away by the police after staging some kind of hold up with the same type of toy gun. My brother had a fantastic bolt action Springfield rifle which I was very jealous of: it ejected the plastic cases when you worked the bolt and made a satisfactorily big bang.
Luger, P38, Mauser broomhandle, Seikiden- and also another type, same ammo
FN- grey bullets, Thompson- fore grip would break but it made an ok pistol so all was not lost
Spud guns- carrot ammo was best
Toy Guns.
My parents were to poor to buy me Toy guns, so I just pretended with a stick. When I was laughed at I just beat the feckers with it until they apoligised. Eventually I learnt to use a saw, hammer and nails and alot of imagination, I made my own toy guns. My anti tank gun positions were impenitrable. The anti aircraft gun I made is still legendary.

SK :)
As a kid I had a wooden FN that fired elastic bands. All done out in DPM paint was my treasure. Graduated at 10 to a .177 air rifle and at 12 to a .22 hornet. Was very unimpressed with the plastic piece I got from the British.

Now older and wiser I have invested in a SMLE. Its old, I prob paid too much, but it works and I am well chuffed.


You're all a bunch of gays. You probably come from nancy boy middle class, I had a man's gun.......

...............a 'JOHNNIE 7'! (early 70s)

Anybody else have one? It was facking huuuuuuuuge! (came with another kid who carried the bipod and ammo) It had a rocket launcher, machine gun, the lot!.....when you pulled the pistol grip, out popped a pistol which fired red plastic bullets.

Nobody facked with you! Posh Bin Lids used to run and hide when they seen you coming. Strange Mexican music would be heard when you walked down the middle of the street wiv yer 'Johnnie 7'....(never did work out who the fack in our street could play a guitar).

IT was the 'Raleigh Chopper' of the toy guns world and any rough kid should have 'ad one.

Overkill?......It was a bit like being that bloke wiv the 'Bren gun from Lock, Stock and 2 Loaded Barrels'...........when those Japs from round the Close were kicking off, just call up your 'Johnnie 7' and the war was won. No need for air superiority. We were the Germans! We kicked arrse (history wasn't taught until the following year)

Bunch of Maureens wiv yer revolvers and caps.
I had a lone star Smith and wesson 38 police special and a little plastic pump action shotgun which fired corks. Also the obligatory Colt peacemakers and Winchesters for us little cowboys.

This paled into insignificance when compared to the best toy gun of all. The translucent plastic PING PONG BALL GUN.

or the space gun which had a revolving whirring sparking mechanism inside. A fearsome weapon in the hands of Space Hopper cavalry troopers. i remember my little mate Isaac seemed to think he was immune to the effects of the sparky gun untill I brained him about the head with the space hopper.

My brother had a battery powered space gun which could make ten different sounds. Our budgie could imitate most of them.
@ Lairdx:
Did the space pistol looked like this one ?

I still have it :D
Before that little baby I used a plastic M16, a Winchester lever action and a P08 water pistol. Great times :!:
Mobile_Infantry said:
@ Lairdx:
Did the space pistol looked like this one ?

I still have it :D
Before that little baby I used a plastic M16, a Winchester lever action and a P08 water pistol. Great times :!:
My mum wouldn't buy me toy guns or an action man - I had to pinch my brothers' ones - which explains a lot! :lol:

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