Best Toy Gun?

As a kid growing up in the 1960's the cupboard in my bedroom was a veritable arsenal of toy guns - several Lone Star cowboy pistols, a rather good Luger, a James Bond P38 (with a silencer). and who can forget the black plastic Airfix FN Rifle with a ridiculous thin barrel that always broke when I attached the soft grey plastic bayonet and tried to stab my kid sister. Airfix also made a Thompson sub-machine and I seem to remember a plastic Mk 4 steel helmet (the one we had befor the Mk 6).

Then there was the classic Johnny Seven - now that's what you call a toy gun - a sort of Gimpy on steroids. I saw one for sale on e-bay recently- went for about 400 quid - I think I later swapped mine for a few football programmes. If we only knew then what we know now....

Who remebers Seikeden (?) pistols that fired dried peas - brilliant stuff!

What were your favourites?

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