Best toy as a kid- now not seen due to H&S

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by old_bloke, May 10, 2008.

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  1. Little O_B had a his bday today and while having a beer at the BBQ we were talking over "our best toys" as Kids.

    Apart fom my 1/3 scale SLR I remembered the days of fun we had in summer and winter as we played on our tractor tyre inner tubes.

    Patched up and inflated by the local garage for nowt , Summer holiday we would walk up to the river and spend all day "tubing" back down to the steps nearest out houses. A good 4 hours even without stopping to dice with death over the wears (grade 3 and 4 in a canoe) This was 13, 14 year old kids wearing a pair of shorts and flat running shoes like army daps. - cant do it today due to H&S.

    Winter was up to the hills with same inner to tube down. Great until someone decided to build a 2 foot ramp at the bottom. Good air time but snows turns hard after a few nights at - 5.

    Ace fun and we were outside all day without a worry in the world.

    Shame its all changed :cry:
  2. Hmmm...

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  3. Did he check his pockets?
  4. Yup, I had bowie knives and air rifles as a kid. Even had bow and arrows that my dad made me, lethal as hell but, the most dangerous thing I ever had was something called 'clackers'. You older ones may remember the two concrete (or so it seemed) balls on a piece of string which you had to hold in one hand, bounce of each other until they were meeting at the top and then keep the momentum going thus making a 'clacking' noise.
    I lost count of the bruises I received and just lucky not to have broken any bones.
  5. This has to be the best one:


    Oddly enough, it only went on sale for a year but:

  6. I've got a cracking scar across my hand from the day one of my preschool friends bought me a penknife for my 6th birthday.

    Note that not only did my friend buy it from a shop himself (he was 6 too), my parents were completely relaxed about me having it (as long as I was careful).

    Anyway, our game of Tarzan was short-lived as I was rushed to casualty with blood gushing alles uber de plats.

    Shall I tell you story of when I cut my little brother's finger tips off with a pair of scissors?
  7. my is that unsafe.

    An equally dangerous item I created was a form of catapult.
    "try this at home kids" (not really).
    broomstick. hammer nail into the tip (parralell to stick)
    at the opposite end attach a clothes peg (many elastic bands will do) but make sure it can be opened and closed.
    make ammunition- attach an elastic band to the "spring" from a clothes peg.
    stretch elastic band from nail and place "spring" into the jaws of the peg.

    et voila an elastic rifle, very dangerous, I accidentaly killed a bird with it as a kid.

    oh the memories.
  8. Lawn Darts


    N.B. Lawn darts are apparently still legal in the UK:
  9. I had the toy SLR as well, good timing OB as a couple of weeks ago my grandson asked for a toy rifle, can I find one in the shops....can I feck. I`ve been told that anything resembling a firearm has to be brightly coloured so it can`t be mistaken for a real one. I found a bright blue Uzi looking thing for a couple of quid, he took one look at it and asked if I could paint it black or green.
    Oh and remember don`t go putting up a bouncy castle at your kids birthday could end up slightly out of pocket. :x
  10. as regard toy guns, what was the point if it doesnt look real. I have an ingenious scheme:
    I shall paint a glock bright colours in order to commit random crimes, people will believe it to be a toy until it is too late...

    bwah ha ha
  11. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    One of my great great grandfathers left behind the story of his upbringing - his cousin George shot him with a pistol - fortunately George had put the ball in first so the bang was not great and the ball bounced off. Another time they played tightrope walking across a high beam in a barn - gggfather came to with the shod hoof of a carthorse an inch from his head - I added up 24 near fatal incidents in his first 24 years. In the last he was shot in the groin during a riot in India and survived that and the surgeon groping for the ball with his fingers. Eventually the face of his assailant was brought to him in a basket. Lived to 85.

    Fast forward - anyone remember Jetex solid-fuel small rocket engines fortoy planes? Fun was to forget the plane, just light the Jetex, plonk it on the deck and let it fizz around a crowded floor.
  12. It surely has to be the rope/tree swing... often constructed above a large drop (or a river) miles from civilisation. I recall one particular event, as I had elected to do a "tarzan" one-handed effort with the other hand tucked into the armpit pretending to be a chimpanzee, shouting Cheetah monkey sh1te, until I realised (about 2 milliseconds in) that the G-forces were a bit more substantial than I'd anticipated and that I was in danger of falling 50 feet to my death. Rope gripped for dear life and brown, late seventies style underpants very nearly soiled!

    Great times!
  13. Anyone remember the colt cap gun ? You put a roll of blue paper into the gun and pulled the trigger. The caps were little black dots on the roll.

    As you fired, another cap got hammered.