Best town/street names ever

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by brettarider, Jul 21, 2007.

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  1. Trolling the net this morning I found this be good to let MDN loose round there for a few hours to see what he can round up for a public freak show any one else find any?

    thanks to all that contributed - hooped. mk
  2. Ive seen Caak Straat in Holland
  3. Been in Wank in Bavaria
  4. Wankum, small town on the Dutch/German border.
  5. remember that place was always temped to write off underneath it
  6. Grope alley in Fulbourn near Cambridge
  7. We have a Ticklebelly Entry close to where I live.
  8. Bell End-near the church in a small village just off the A45 north of Northampton-can't remember the name but a mate lived there

    Edited to add

    Wollaston, near Wellingborough, that's the place
  9. PIDDLE LANE Dorchester

    SHAGGS Wareham

    BUTT AVENUE Cambridgeshire

    BOOBERY Devon

    KNOB HALL LANE Southport

    KNOB FIELD Dorking

    KNOCKESPOCH Aberdeen


    FANNY HANDS LANE Market rasen

    FANNY AVENUE Sheffield

    That will do I have an unfair advantage of electoral roles for the whole of the UK This is before I even start on autoroute there are some real messed up names for places in there. :roll:
  10. Titisee-Neustadt Germany

    Tittybong Australia

    Wanker Hotel Hadanig 2
    Techelsberg am Wörther See
    Tel: +43 4272-6206
    Ask for the duty ....awwww you get it :?

    tosser KYRGYZSTAN

    cunter Switzerland

    Pissy Somme

    OK that's as rude as I'm prepared to go. :D
  11. did a vehicle check on police radio once. Went something like this: "PC 999 to control, vehicle check " Control: "State code and location over" PC9999: Code one, Mincing Lane at Bell End, received........

  12. Ah the memories - filling up for the big push to Calais !
  13. The Darkies - a street near my neck of the woods in Brum, which, ironically enough, is full of 'em! :D