Best Toecap boots ?

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by CptDanjou, Aug 7, 2013.

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  1. Ive got some work coming up and the employer insists on steel toecap boots being worn , the work will involve a lot of walking , sometimes in very wet mountainous conditions , what can you recommend ? upto £200.

    I`m pissed off I cant use my Lowa GTXs , brilliant boot.
  2. Can't help on makes and prices but you might want to consider external toecaps for comfort if you're trogging great distances. That'll avoid the sharp edge of the toecap coming into contact with your socked feet.

    Otherwise, consider ceramic toecaps. They're much lighter. Mine are VR6 Powergrips but they were bought for site use rather than rambling.
  3. Seems like they are also suitable for giving out a good shoeing ...."CE Approved for Use in Violent Situations -BS7971-5 (Type 2, Level 3). "
  4. Whatever you do, don't get Dickies. They are about 15% of your budget (which is probably why my boss bought them), I've had them about a month and they are starting to fall apart already.
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  5. Wow they issue types and levels of violent encounters now - cool!
  6. Am wearing a pair of these right now, very light and comfy...depends what you need them for though, tread aint for muddy stuff.

    Sievi Solid XL Offshore Safety Boots

    zip on the side is handy
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  7. I like these myself.....

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  8. I have to use these too if venturing offshore. My pair are pretty comfortable to walk in as well.

    Not sure of the OP's role, but if working on an industrial site etc. it would be worth checking that the boots he chooses carry the correct safety rating...
  9. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    How much did you pay for them?


    These look good for gaying in.
  10. The Sievi`s look like they will do the job , employer only specifies toe cap boots so they should be ideal.
  11. I like Redwing rigger boots as they are very comfy and its nice to have boots you can kick off easily if you go in the water.
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  12. Jolly make good steel toe capped boots, used by The PSNI for Public Order, goretex as well.

    J O L L Y S C A R P E

  13. A month? Nice desk job then? Dickies boots are utter shite, we were given them last year and they were all ready for replacing within a fortnight and that was from gently bimbling about a retail park.
    Then the ***** gave us Magnums.
    Which proceeded to try and cripple us all.
    Now we just buy what we want and they give us the £13 they pay for a pair of boots towards the cost.
    The *****.

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