Best time and place to have served?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Speedy, Feb 16, 2004.

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  1. Many here often quote about when they viewed the army lost it's various edges (numbers, facilities, length between tours etc), so I'm just wondering when and where people think that was the best place to be during the course of their service, and why.
    Me? I'd go for Germany in the late 80's. We were well funded, infrequent tours, excellent accomodation almost everywhere. Travel claims for singlies going on leave (remember them?), a recognised reason for being there, trips to the PX for vast quantities of Budweiser for a pittence. Adventure training and expeditions to go on almost every year. Snow Queen and the Nijmegan Marches for thoses who wished for snow or sore feet. All in all, a great place to be in a very interesting time.
  2. Gets my vote Speedy.
  3. damn those commies for quitting :D :D :D :D
  4. 80's in Germany gets my vote. LOA when I arrived in 1987 was dished out in buckets there was so much of it. Cheap second hand cars, cheap beer, hideous amounts of 'adventure' training, sports afternoons, weekends spent with the lads on the lash or at a BBQ, cheap restaurants, ugly German girls who were goers. And the summers seemed to last longer.
  5. The Sudan, 1880-1890.

    A serious army with serious funding and serious numbers.

    Up with Kitchener down with the Mahdhi dervishes!


    :roll: ..That-said. In those days if i'd applied for a commission in those days i'd be turned-down outright and kicked down the steps or be sent to a line regiment never to be promoted higher than captain because i know so few from the upper echelons of society.

    ..I'm glad things have improved (in most respects) since then.

  6. Admit it, you just have a thing for Maxim guns, don't you?
  7. Hey, you've got to admit that they were pretty-cool!

    ...Certainly showed Johnny Foreigner where to go.

    Besides, if you're going to fight in some godforsaken desert you want your kit to outstrip that of the enemy by a long way if you can.

    All the fun has gone out of fighting since you could no longer jab a bayonet at the baddies.

    T'aint fair...
  8. Hong Kong in the early 90s, just prior to the main draw down. The army would pay for you to take a holiday in the far east, bags of LOA and every thing was cheap apart from the beer, however every bar had an happy hour. Nothing to do apart from score with the ex-pats and the back packers working in the bars, which had the knock on affect of getting cheap or free beer ( the Wateringhole, mody road ).

    Defending the empire from johnny foreigner..! :p
  9. Hong Kong 1997 :twisted: :D :D :D :twisted:

    Not only tourist and back packers, but lots of good looking local women trying for that passport out of there :twisted:
  10. 1980s Germany - yep, Herfy yellow hand-bags and ugly German Girls with hairy armpits, what wonderful days.... I wonder what those girls are doing now :roll:
  11. definatly late 80's Gemany or in fact BAOR for you old farts. Spent 6 years in Munsterlager, single unit town, Hamburg and Hannover for fun and Bremerhaven for jollies. Bring back the massive Soviet menace.
  12. Mid 70's BAOR, exchange rate was massive LOA was great, and not so many civvies wanted us out the country as much. :D
  13. Whatever happened to the RCZ in Germany? Yeap, bring back the old days of the Cold War !!
  14. Vietnam War, Texas Air National Guard!

    Yee hah!
  15. start another one ! :lol: