Best threats received/made via PM or on threads on Arrse

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by johnnyonthespot, Jul 3, 2008.

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  1. Have you received/made any good ones and how far did it go? Did you actually step away from your computer, travel half the country and find the cunt as you promised, or was it all just squaddie handbag swinging? 8O

  2. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    I know where you live......................
  3. Oi, shut it or I'll find out where you live and spaff on your face.

    Fcuking d*ckhead.
  4. Who the fcuk do you think you are? I'm gonna break into your house and teabag you until you die.
  5. 'Course you fcuking will. I've had homework harder than you, ring-stink.
  6. I'd take all of you (at the same time) while tieing my shoe laces and ordering a kebab for when I'd finished :threaten:

    Johnny :D

    P.S Whats tea bagging and does it require or aided by KY/Vaseline ?
  7. basicaly just sticking ur bolloxs in some ones gob
  8. I reckon I've been threatened the most.

    A fireman wanted to meet me in a car park in halifax and didn't show. Doom and Gloom was going to fly over and fill me in, even when I offered to fund his flight he didn't come, to name just a couple.

    I reckon 15 threats of varying levels have been received, and to date I'm still handsome and haven't been pummelled
  9. Classic.....I like that one....

    It's true...a firemans shift can be very busy..all that sleeping, watching porn, going to the gym and trying to decide what dvd's to rent from blockbuster.
  10. Doom and Gloom did put up a convincing act (internet based) until you offered to pay his train fair and drive him to the venue.....then silence.

    But what happened to Black Mafia after his bizarre, deeply insecure and prolonged attack on Fallschimjager, I read the shame filled apology the next day but then nothing...
  11. A fella called Adolf kept giving me grief on here as I questioned his commitment to joining the TA, he kept harping on for about a year about how he was a fireman and wanting to join the TA, everytime I told him just to go along and ask he gave me grief!
    Fcuking Biff.
  12. He then decided I would have to wait for a hiding until he left the army as he would get in trouble for it.

    As for Fallshirmjager, his arrse went and he ran away to Afganistan to do some thinking and toughening up.

    The most physical damage Ive come to as a result of this site was a savage bite from cait....... sadly is was on my arm not my angry rod.
  13. your mouths writing cheques your body cant cash,

    ill hit you that fast and from that many angles you will think your surrounded.
  14. A gentleman in a pub once informed me that he was going to stick so many nut's on me.that I would think I was a Dundee cake. 8O
  15. Hit with so many rights I would be begging for a left