Best Thing, Worst Thing

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Danny_Dravot, Sep 1, 2009.

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  1. dunno if this has been done before, had a quick search to no avail...anyway...what is the best thing, worst thing of your service, past or present. rules, it can be anything workornon workrelated, but nothing too personal...and keep it goes:

    best things...

    long term job security
    mates / camaraderie
    sport & AT

    worst things

    petty civil servants
    packing up and moving every 2 years!
  2. Great lads/laughs

    Some bosses who only ever got promoted because they played a sport, and couldn't manage their way out of a paper bag
  3. Best things:

    Job security

    Worst Things:

    AGC MCM Div
    Over promoted officers/SNCOs
    AGC MCM Div
  4. Best things:

    Cameraderie unmatched to this day, even though I've found I don't actually like some of the blokes I'm still mates with.

    Deutschland (i.e. beer and Imbiss)

    Memories that still warm me. Tiny things that bring a smile to my face almost every day.

    A ciggy and a brew after morning stand down in the field.

    Worst things:

    Ambushes in the pissing rain.

    Stagging on in the pissing rain.

    Digging trenches in the pissing rain.

    Tabbing in the pissing rain.

    Otterburn (see above).

    Compo steak and onion casserole, especially eating it in the pissing rain.
  5. Probably mostly the same as others but...


    Germany before the wall came down.
    Some feckin amazing nights/weekends/weeks out
    The feeling after a fecking hard exercise and you get in the Squadron bar with the lads.


    Incompetent SNCO's/NCO's
    Ass kissers that sh1t on their blokes and backstab to get noticed, then end up as the above.
  6. Best:

    First Friday after payday; especially if you're based in Germany. I remember the feeling of anticipation that built up during the day, and the joy of being fallen out for the weekend. Freedom, unlimited cheap booze and good mates to watch your back as you hit the town.

    Saturday and Sunday brunch in the cookhouse; washing hangovers away with mugs of sweet tea and a major fry up.

    Going to bed utterly knackered and aching; stretching out between clean white sheets, with the radiator banging out heat, and being asleep within seconds.

    Very early mornings in beautiful places; cold crisp dawns in the woods, the pre dawn respite in the desert and the smell of the air.

    The feeling of self reliance that came with having a well packed bergan and webbing and knowing you had everything you needed and could be more or less comfortable anywhere.

    Laughing until you thought you were going to cry/pish yourself/bust a few ribs at the outrageous behaviour or insane humour of another soldier.

    Just being young and fit with a bit of cash, no tomorrow to think about and no bills to pay.

    The Worst:

    Fat shouty men with bad breath, who are jealous of youth and determined to be unpleasent at each and every opportunity.

    Arrogant officers who think that they are running a feudal levy and all squaddies are stupid criminoid untermenschen and the private property of the Battalion. The paragraphs of Queens Regs designed to protect their interests are simply an irrelevance to be quietly ignored.

    Pointless exercises designed to impress Brigadiers, that begin with rain, end with snow and involve two or three weeks of river crossings, ambushes and trench digging. After 10 days everybody is pished off and snarling, and NCOs are hitting Private soldiers with entrenching tools to get work out of them.

    The misconception that drill, block cleaning and waiting on are somehow good for morale and should be done whenever possible.

    QMs and store wallahs who think that their job is to refuse to issue kit.
  7. :D
  8. Best Thing... Shagging the OC's Daughter

    Worst Thing.... Getting caught
  9. This also happens in CivDiv.
    Just had a guy transfer from one of our other depots, who when he went to stores for a new pair of anti stab trousers was told to repair the old pair :? :?

    Storeman soon got his act together when H&S union rep got involved.

    Apparently wasnt the first time this had happened.


    Boggering off to foreign lands with the rest of the squadron on p1ss ups er... sorry NATO cross servicing exercises.
    Getting paid to go and see lands that people are paying good money to see.

    Petty junior officers. Who dont bother to listen to the wise words from old and wise SNCO's who are old enough to be there Grandparent.
  10. Best things.

    'Those' nights out.

    Having no soul and not caring.

    The moment your Sergeant says, "Alright, see you Monday" after a crappy exersize.

    Being the only medic on camp so no one knows what you do and pretty much leaves you to it.

    Worst things.

    'Those' mornings.

    My OC.

    My OC refusing to cancel Ex "Certain Death"

    Being the only medic on camp and having no mates for a month.
  11. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Best things; ordering parades for no particular reason.
    Designing popintless and time-wasting excercises.
    Putting people on guard duty on weekends.

    Shouting at the sodiers for no reason other than to bugger them about.
    Block inspections. So good for the morale of the men.
    Doing random stuff with the peasants....sorry, troops, to impress the Brig.

    Worst things; Allowing the men to have any time off.
    Not being able to flog or hang them now.
  12. Best things:

    Being in Germany
    German beer
    Being able to travel to other countries and sample their beer
    Having a beer with your mates
    Going home on leave and having a beer with your ex-mates
    Happy hours
    Running the regimental/squadron bar and selling (and drinking) beer

    Worst things:

    Days when you couldn't get a beer
    That extremely long period of time between the bar shutting and it opening again
    Anything that was (allegedly) good for my morale
    Anything that was (allegedly) character building
    Anything that involved some twat saying "No pain, no gain"
    People who said "What WE will do" when you know you'll end up doing it on your own
  13. The good
    Travel to foreign places
    The ability to shoot people if warranted (oh how I have missed that at times since I left)
    The ability to call down arty/air/mortar strikes if warranted (oh how I missed that in Somalia after I left)
    Compo rations
    Having mates you could depend on
    Clear briefings and mission objectives
    Lots of operational bangs of diverse kinds
    The sheer fun of blasting through London rush hour traffic under blue lights on the way to a job (traffic cop to self "can you keep up with us if we escort you?" Self: "yes, but for fu cks sake dont stop suddenly").

    The sheer drudgery of teaching at DEODS for my last 3 years.
  14. Even most of the bad things turn into good things (storys)

    Lets face it its the best worse job we'll ever have.
  15. Negligent-Discharge

    Negligent-Discharge LE Book Reviewer

    I couldn't have written that better! Nice one mate