Best thing about the forthcoming World Cup.

For thing is that one of my neighbours wives does a mean BJ when hubby ain't about...........and he is off to Zum Farterland. Stay as long as you can Englicher Peeeg Dogs.
timebandit said:
SilsoeSid said:
For me,

Being able to watch an hour and a half of British television without having to listen to a Scottish accent.

:D :D

Doesn't Alan Hansen work for the BBC ?
'll tell you what makes me laugh about the whole World Cup England thing. Wayne Rooney this , Wayne Rooney that. He kicks a bloody ball and its front page!. Everyone seems to think that Rooney is the whole entire England team. If Rooney dont play then England have not got a chance. If he gets injured during the event and has to come off, then the whole UK Media will blame Rooney for not winning the World Cup.

Every World Cup, Especially The Scum set the team up. OUR BOYS THIS AND OUR BOYS THAT. When and if England get knocked out the Event, All the press will slag them to the hilt!..
Speaking as a Jock, I'd love to see you win the World cup, so we can listen to harp on about it for another forty fecking years :wink:

Oh and correct me if I am wrong but isn't it an 11 man game........not a one man game :roll:
I got England and Argentina in the works sweepy!!!! :D :D :D

That's the only reason i'll be supporting the bunch of over-dramatic, effeminate divers.

Oh, and Argentina are quite a good team to... :twisted:
Seeeing all the chavs round my area pull down the Englerlannnnd flags off the roof's/front of houses once they get knocked out the possibilty of some cracking fights in the steert when the above mentioned chavs spend all day in the pub then decide to have a ruck outside the pub makes great Sunday viewing round my way :D
Just been shopping and seen the latest World Cup related advertising campaign.

Holland has just announced a new secret weapon which is a bit of a contradiction in terms.

The secret weapon is Heineken.

Fcuk, they must be desperate.

Mr Happy

dan_man said:
I think we will get kicked out because all the fans urine off the Germans so much.
Sorry matey, Don't know where you get that from. The Germans pss the English off because they keep knocking Eng out when we are on our last gasp (Euro & World cups for the past 20 years?). In fact, the Germans top three dislike is in the following order, the Turkish (cos there's hundreds of thousands here driving cabs and claiming social benefits), The Dutch (because the cloggies blame them for WW2 and they remember quite rightly the cloggies didn't do FA in the WW's) and the Croats (can't remember). The Germans neither rate the Eng as a challenge on the pitch (history would confirm this) nor do they rate the English hooligan (emancipated as he now is courtesy of UK laws) as challenge worthy compared to his Turkish knife wielding mates or his Polish Nazi Party equivelent. In fact, the Germans still quite like us and rather enjoy the "I mentioned the war but think I got away with it" joke (its oft repeated).

So if you are looking for a country to knock, try the Argies, they really haven't forgiven us for the Genl Belgrano sinking or shoeing their lads across the Falklands and I haven't forgiven that coke snorting SOB for the hand of god incident I might also point out, that the krauts have proper beer, proper manners and their birds love an*l.
Best thing is seeing the multinationals putting full page ads in the press cheering along the England boys.

And watching them put the same ads in Germany, Italy, France and the USA cheering on the German, Italian, French and American boys.

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