Best Tea dunker

As we are all men and women of the world here what do you feel is the best biscuit for dunking in the old NATO standard? I'll go with Malted Milk...
Kitkat. Bite the ends of stick and suck your brew through it till soggy and then eat the rest. Tastes well nice.
Hang on, that makes me sound well bent! Grrr fucking biscuits brown grrr!
Digestive...timing is everything..too long and it's crack and drop...too short and it's still hard...
I remember watching a few RCT TROGS being dunked in the KERO bath in the late 80's in Deutchland. But stopped eating biscuits after a game of Soggy biscuits with some rather distgusting Reccy Mechs.
#12 took part in homo games, of the kind beloved of public school boys, with some track bashers?
Didnt you get the invite.......yes Reched Mechs taught me the fine art of Freckles to...gotta love BAOR rules...and your not gay if you dont I was told.
I see everyone's skirting around the issue, trying hard to keep the secret, not wanting to be the one that spills the beans...

The only correct answer...Everyone's favourite...



We all know this to be the one truth.
Any one who dunk's with chocolate anything needs stringing up with rusty piano wire, you dirty bastards!!! Everyone who knows their tea (not coffee either, that's beneath contempt!) know's there are only 2 types of biccie worth dunking

1. Rich tea = The king of biscuits
2. For the adventurous Custard Creams = The dirty slag of biccies!

Anything else your just a filthy godless heathen - Out!:)

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