Best tabbing Desert Boots?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by joedk1, Jun 4, 2010.

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  1. I've heard Meindls Deset Fox or Lowa Desert Elites are the best any thoughts?
  2. Why does a cadet need this information, you are not going to do any kind of heroic marching.
  3. Well, to be honest your mistaken. In August/September there is a 18day expedition in Calfornia, America therefore thats why I am asking about desert boots, due to the terrain we will be tabbing in.
    And why is there an aggression towards cadets?
  4. It's not aggression, you are civilian children, you don't need to beat yourself up.
  5. Thats a fair point. I'd say its more enthusiasm and being eager to serve in the armed forces for some and for others being proud of what they do and they want to do things how they should be done.
  6. Why not get a pair of decent walking boots? You wont look like you're playing the biggun then.
  7. Thats not a bad idea, but i've seen Meindls and Lowas at £65 & £70 respectively (genuine). From what I believe walking boots are similar prices maybe a little cheaper.
    We've been advised to try to get high leg boots as well.
  8. What aggression?
  9. Every one's feet are different, get yourself measured at a decent outdoor store - not a chav orientated 'sports shop' try plenty on and make sure you get a decent fit. Are your feet still growing? If so there is no point in paying too much for a boot that will be no use in a few months time. If it is an 18 day expedition then just go for a comfy and supportive walking boot but not too expensive. have some good deals as do (Pop into your local camping stores - try some on then buy them online for a fraction of the cost.)
  10. Well, if you have the cash to splash, then why not? C'est la vie... Personally, I'd shoot for the Meindls, they're pretty good.
  11. Cancel last; CC_TA is spot on.
  12. Thanks for that I'll have a look, and see what I can find. :)
  13. CQMS for one, lad asked a genuine question politely for a good reason and got a shite reply.
    OK many cadets need a serious talking to, but not in this case, is it so difficult to help the lad? This isn't the Naafi after all.
  14. Yeah! You tell that CQMS - the mean old bastarrd! :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.