Best ta regiments to join ?


Im thinking of joining the TA but what are the best regiments to consider , i have a few in mind ,
Artillery AS90 Gunner /HVM/Rapier/observer
Carpenter and joiner.
Building materials technician,
logistic engineer
logistic support driver
logistic specialist driver
artillery specialist logistics
im only interested in territorial positions in the above job roles if its possible to do such jobs part time ?
i have exsperiance in the construction trade and a driving licence i want to make the right decision as i have joined the infantry and did not like it and made a real big mess of things i passed out but went walt so now i need to do it right and choose the correct path im on my way to the carrers but thought i would post this as to extra info on the opposed employment roles i should go for,


yeah i went awol ,from infantry life but from training many years ago now ,i was admin discharged ,and ive had a chat to a adviser and he says i could re apply but only if the main base in glasgow approve of this ,so its up to glasgow i suppose,


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You wont do any of those trades as a stab sapper. Youll be able to go ME combat, Plant op, driver or C3S. If youre a civvy bricky or chippy youll end up doing brickying or chippying as and when the Sqn needs it but you wont get any additional training in those trades.

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