Best T-Shirt Designs

Sadly no snap to hand, but a t allegedly worn by large white guy in Alabama. Front reads - "100% cotton" and the back - "an' yo' mama picked it" So non-PC it transcends bad taste.
On a T-shirt in the window of a King's Road punk fashion store, circa 1977:

Beat Me!
Whip Me!
Fcuk Me, like the Pig I am!
Cum all over my tits!
Tell me you love me!

. . . then fuck off out.

On a skydiver in Zephyrhills, Florida, Easter 1980:

Beneath a picture of goateed shellfish wearing a beret, shades and a hooped t-shirt, sitting diggers in hand, at a gingham check cafe table, the words:

Winner: 1979 Bearded Clam Eating Contest

(I have a photo somewhere. . . )

. . . and in the same week, also in Florida, a double-take picture on a T-Shirt, which turns into my first piece of post-modern irony fashionwear.

At 1st glance it's the US Marines raising the flag on Iwo Jima - a 2nd glance reveals they're shoving the pole up Khomeini's arrse . . . .

I don't know how well that was selling a month later, after Delta Force ploughed a CH-53 into a C130 on their way to the US Embassy in Tehran, and blew the rescue of the 50-odd hostages there, to huge international embarrassment, only then to be upstaged, within a matter of days, by the SAS sorting out the Iranian embassy siege.

God, I loved that T-shirt. :D
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