is sit me or has imagination, innovation and fun been driven out of party people by the SHEF shites ?

What was you best mess ball summer themes ? Carribean, Around The World in 80 Days, 007....

I attended a brilliant Green Jacket do in Cyprus with waterskiing in Mess kit - beat that - an early morning salty enema to beat all.

Your best blast was.......................?
A speed boat coming out of a wall at Catterick '98? - up the Gurkha's! Whole do was brilliant and at a cost that was hard to beat. However, difficult to compete with a 300+ size attendence, associated budget and cost of scale.


War Hero
I organised a recent one where the theme was 1920s Prohibition for 120 people.

Live 7 piece Swing Band
Poker Tables
Roulette Table
Vodka Ice Luge
Bucking Bronco

All the above (in a smallish Mess) with some great food and a discraceful amount of table wine and pre drinks made the night a rip roaring success, I would recommend this as a theme to anyone.



You can have some cracking nights in small messes, but in general the best balls have to have scale to be able to get good ents and lots to do. Went to a cracker in Herford with HQ 1 Div, and sad to say, for sheer ents value some of the big Crab stations do pretty well as they will have about 1000 attending and a budget to match.
1 D and D in Catterick had an excellent ball a few years back now themed on The Raj. The marquee was draped in all the leopard skins, some of the wives spent weeks producing prints of elephants, all the tables were named in honour of places in India that the Devons and the Dorsets had served, and on the back of the table menus was a potted history of that specific table's namesake (including one garrison where the most notable event was the Adjt being eaten by a tiger!). The food was a buffet based on the British Empire, so there were a serious of Stations incuding:

Indian station - curries and all the trimings
Hong Kong station - chinese
Mediterranean station - sea food and salads
Dear old Blighty - traditional English roasts

There was a live band, and a disco afterwards, bloody heaps of champagne and all were incouraged to come in fancy dress. All in all it was just an amazing ball - by far the best I have ever been too, and not too large at about 250 people.

On the downside it almost bankrupt the mess which took about two years to recover, but as they say "you can't make an omlete......"
I ran a cracking (well I would say that wouldn't i?!) Blackadder Ball at Kirkee in Colchester in 94 or maybe 96. We had a medieval banquet with Lords and surfs, pigs heads, mead, platters etc. There were wandering minstrels and jesters, archery and knights and buxom serving wenches and flying food. Other rooms were themed as a WW1 dug out bar complete with sandbags, lewis guns, pigeons and lanterns and a regency gambling room and a Mrs Miggins Pie Shop (complete with oven and pies ands Mrs Miggins) cocktail Bar. We had a cracking band and disco combo and plenty of champers and of course dodgems and bucking bronco. seem to remeber having an epic row with Mrs PP at about 4 am and dodging dinner plates!

Organised another on Prohibition Speakeasy theme in Munster in 92 with a secret knock on a Garage workshop door and goons in white tuxes (WO2s) frisking people on the way in...can't remember much more due to the moonshine!




1 RWF last ball before amalgamation and deployment - a 2 day ball, London themed.

-Day 1
- Each room decorated as different tube stops.
- Buskers lining the road from the front gate to the Mess.
- Mandatory fairground rides.
- Huge dinner in Marquee
- 2 x 5 Man hot tubs next to champage and cigar bar.
- Band and casino.

Day 2
- Guests woken up by Mess staff
- BBQ and Pimms bar in Mess garden, families welcome
- Folk Band in the garden.
- Hot tubs still going, session til the following dawn.

Legendary all round debauched fun.
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