Best strange place for a quickie?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by pegasusranger, Sep 26, 2002.

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  1. Its all in the subject really.
  2. mmm let me see.....

    in the back of the lanny going to the ranges
    in the troop shelter
    in a lift
    whilst queing in the cookhouse (work that one out)

  3. Busy girl!
    My strangest place is probably a department store.
  4. which department and where?  In the changing rooms?
  5. Lingerie fitting rooms in Debenhams.
  6. In an arty opin otterburn  - otc life was hell ;D
  7. oh the secrets are coming out now - I bet you're stood there with a thong on your head, bra tied round your neck getting it on with the mannequin!! ;D
  8. You were there SB?!  Actually she was in a basque and stockings, back against the wall ;)
  9. But how could you cheat on your girlfriend Baabaara the sheep?
  10. I never said it wasn't Baabaara in the changing rooms....
  11. oooh threesome, you Baabaara and Stiffy (the mannequin, not what's in your pants!)
  12. No just the two of us I'm afraid, please don't pollute us with your thoughts of threesomes with sheep :)

    No one saw us but a few definately heard us  :-[
  13. did they hear a snapping sound as you pulled her legs off?
  14. No just the sound of a girl who couldn't keep quiet no matter how much I tried to persuade her to be!
  15. should have shoved a pair of big girl's pants in her mouth, that would have kept her quiet.