Best stag prank

This is superb 8)

9am and the little fella is already on the pints, good lad! :D

guy at a mates work just came back from a 4 day stag do.
Basically they rented a midget for the 4 days and handcuffed him to the stag.

They painted the midget blue and dressed him like a smurf and the poor guy had to be handcuffed 24 hours of the day for 4 days to the stag. The guys on the stag paid for all the midget's food and drink and paid for his flight etc (cost around £850 if you wanted to do the same) but the guy had to do everything with the, drink, swim, shower, sleep, wee etc etc.

This has got to be the funniest Stag prank I have ever seen....please can I just say that no midgets were harmed during the weekend.

See attached

He's just so happy!
I know someone who could pass as a smurf, and would do it for beer only.

Would have been better if the smurf had raped the stag, though. Good pic oppourtunity.
ahahahahahahah thats great.
I cant see a problem as long as the Groom stuck to beer and didnt have a go at the SHORTS.
all i can think of is when he is married the bj's stop etc so best get as many in before the actual do..... even if it is painted blue!!
The little fella looks like he's happy in his work. Wonder if he pays for his own beers?

The best stag night I went on we handcuffed the brides groom to a railing/lamp post outside every bar and club we went into. Making sure he turned up on time the next day by not letting him have a single drink all night. We did make a point of standing in the windows so he could watch us slowly get out of our heads though.

Very funny. Probably not for him though.


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Call me old fashioned, but the best stag do's are the ones where you tell the stag you're sick, buzz round his lasses place with a bottle of Bolly and one of those pocket vibrators you get in Anne Summers, then you make her squirt on the ceiling and swear she'll never redecorate till she's babbied up.

But I'm sure tying people to lamposts is fun as well.

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