Best Sport/Adventure

Whats the best/most popular sport/adventure to take up in the army?

Go to exotic places, do three hours a day underwater, then spend the rest of the time on the surface (it's to do with removing nitrogen from your body) getting a sun tan and drinking.

Oh, and Pub Golf!!! LINK
You could try "Areas" or "Baggage/Weapons party" theres also "Waitering on" I personnally prefer "Tentage" I have many erections to my name and some of them are foreign ones!!

You dont get much time or interest at non standard sports unless you throw caution and promotion to the wind!

It also depends if you can find a Rodney who shares a simular interest and then you can at least attempt to get time off and funding but then it all boils down to the Col or G3 PAT!!
Hmm 12 years in and I can count the numebr of times I went adventure training on one hand, that was mostly on Lion Sun, of sorry forgot the Wind Surfing in the Isle of Man during Winter experience, cheers :roll:
Extreme Fat Birding has got to be the most adventurous sport's like fat birding but with an added AT element, surfing, snow boarding et cetera. You don't know the meaning of adrenalin until you've tandem jumped with a hippocrocadillapig of size 24 while rustling her beef curtains!
Canoeing in Wales in winter is definitely for winners. The Tough Guy is great if you like paying for ragging yourself up and down hills, running through bogs and very, very cold water - good for looking at naked birds covered in mud, but after TG, you really don't care! Surfing in Newquay is tops, and if you can't surf, at least you're in Newquay. Climbing in Benidorm - climbing is superb and in the evening you've got STICKY VICKY who pulls all sorts out of her minge. Very clitural.
i would would say that surfing is one of the best sports in the world but the army aint gonna give you enough time to exel at it you just need to many waves constantly to master the sea its the same with diving, kayaking, climbing, skiing,skydiving and all the other extreme or not so extreme sports we love to do. but what the army will do if you stay in long enough is let you do all these things and experiance them for nearly f**k all. so when you look at the cost of shit these days you cant be doing bad. so do 22 retire young and f**king exel at them all till you die....

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