Best spice shop in the UK

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by Farmerbleep, Jun 10, 2009.

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  1. I think i've found it.

    I was at the Royal Cornwall Show and happened upon their stand. They are called Fox's Spices and the stuff on sale was top notch.

    They don't have a website but they will send you a catalogue if you call them on 01789 266420. They have a shop in Stratford upon Avon.

    Loads of variety, Thai to English, from herbs to complete sauces and everything inbetween. Loads of stuff i'd never heard of or used either like curry leaves, about a dozen differenty types of dried chillies, indonesian stuff and cinnamon sticks that were 3 feet long.

    Just wish i'd had more money on me. Good kit and well recommended.

  2. Theres always the Manchester Superstore, on Cheetham Hill Road (in Manc!) Just expanded into the roller skting rink next door they do more asian, west indian and eastern european stuff than you can shake a stick at
  3. My local ethnic greengrocer has every possible spice you could want and then some more.
  4. Some stuff like Thai basil, bay leaves, chillis and lemongrass are pretty hardy and will live happily indoors in a nice big pot. Thai basil turns into something of a small bush in the right conditions. From expensive to free and fresh... I wouldn't say I have a green thumb at all, I only did this because I was sick of overpriced substandard* herbs and spices. Its well worth the initial wait.

    *Thai standard.

    Edit: The basil and chili plants actually make quite good ornaments too.
  5. Most Chinese supermarkets do great prices on a wide range of spices and other exotic ingredients. I've still got an enormous bag of kaffir lime leaves I bought for buttons in one over 6 months ago and we have curries 2-3 times a week.
  6. I'm growing my own chillis indoors at the moment, first batch of chillis sprouting now, easy to look after, just need plenty of sunlight (mine are in south facing window)watered every other day and growing like wildfire also growing sweet peppers and coriander too. I have a friend I work with whose dad owns a couple of curry houses in South London who get the right mixes of spices for me too in bulk :D
  7. Thing is chaps, I live in Devon and down here, spag bol is considered to be ethnic food. As for getting a curry, well you can forget that unless you make it yourself.