Best Spam sender name?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by the_guru, Feb 22, 2007.

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  1. I get tons of sh1te spam mail. It always makes me larf when the spammers try to trick me into thinking that I would actually know someone with the name that they address their cr@p with. Anyway, I have had some storters over the years, but this one today finally topped it all...

    Walidtha Kuttenkuler

    If you are out there Walidtha, drop me a line..
  2. Marie Colon - 67% of our members got laid RS34
  3. Home Town: San Francisco, CA
    Height: 5' 5 "
    Position: Guard
    Year: Fr.
    High School : Mercy San Francisco High School
    Major: Undecided
    Hobbies: Watching TV and playing video games.
    Favorite Food: Pizza and Cheeseburgers with fries.
    Words to live by: "I can accept failure but I can't accept not trying ."

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  4. Just from todays shyte:

    Delora Bjorn
    Bryan Duffy

    Yeah know them both well !

    Probably selling penis extension pills, i get a lot of those e-mails for some reason, makes me wonder what sites my mrs looks at :threaten:

    MB (Hung like a donkey)
  5. Chief Winnipeg Gaol was offering to transfer 10,000,000 (10 million united states dollars) into my account from the Congo yesterday. Why do 419 scammers always put the amount in words in brackets?
  6. I just had a posh one pop into my inbox...

    Humphrey M. Downs
  7. Just a few from todays spam e-mailers

    Lance Bowers

    Molly Trejo

    Z.Jerome DBlankenshi

    Freeman Kaiser

    Tarun Winesett

    Levi Gonzales

    Koki Tunnet

    Ronc Meierl

    Juan Flange

    Antonia Horton

    Oscarl Lockettk

    Vilma Lange

    Sun Vasishtha
  8. From todays batch
    "jonathanchevassut" and "Jong Hunt"
  9. Ivor Pork

    Least he's got a sense of humour... sells viagra too
  10. John LeMesurier

    Something about wet teens.
  11. Just some from the last couple of days...


    All Spammers should be shot :pissedoff: :frustrated: :frustrated:
  12. Boggs W. Nannie is one of the latest all stars.

    I've also recently received communications from:
    Barnes U. Nikola
    Santana E. Gladys
    Coffman Floy
    Liberatore Stringer
    Rodolphe Flesher
    Judas Friday

    and the most original:

    Nothing Volume.
  13. Todays winner.....

    Hagen Dzierlatka

  14. I've just checked my inbox and it seems Bruce Willis has, very kindly, sent me a free password for a site entitled "Big Polish Holes."

    Cheers easy!!
  15. Apparently he has lots of dirty women waiting just for me!!!

    Frank Hustlors


    Name: Kelly
    Age: 34
    Year Married: 8 year

    This yummy mummy loves the thrill of fycking other guys while her own husband
    has no idea. She likes to get really dirty, is into bondage and SnM!

    Meet her tonight!