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best song for your funeral when you snuff it


Book Reviewer
Always Look on the Bright Side of Life, with a clause in my will that states that everyone has to sing along and whistle in the right bits - 'cos you can't whistle while crying.
I have told my missus that I want to be cremated and just as I go into the burner I want them to play "Firestarter" by the prodigy, also want Bobby Mcfarren (I think that's his name) "don't worry be happy". :D
One of the old boy's I learned to drink with when a nipper passed away recently great sense of humour ex RASC driver. Went to the funeral with my dad and a couple of the old boys drinking buddies and as the curtain fell New York New York struck up over the stereo, we at the back started pissing ourselves, His missus was great had a little chuckle, with us but the rest of the crowd, looked at us like we were the spawn of satan.
Going In the Crem:- Into the West by Annie Lennox :(

Going Out the Crem via the Burner:- Mr Brightside - Killers :D

Can't have the buggers being miserable at the wake.....
Everyone dressed like an Extra from Shaft.

In to "Stayin alive"

Through the Curtain to "Disco Inferno"

Out to "Black is Black (I want my baby back)"

After ceremony treats by Brian Potter and Music by Ray Von. :)
Abide with me during the service, 'Fields of gold' by Eva Cassidy as they take me out and then last post over the grave please and thank you and I will be a happy man. ( oh and a bottle of single Malt tucked discreetly into the corner of the box in case I wake up)

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