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My son has come home from PCCBC with a pair of boots & 1 pair of cushioned socks. What socks would you recommend? Sorry if this has been covered before, I have looked on the forum but could only find the review section (Bridgedale X-Hale Trailblaze Socks)
Many thanks.
I found 1000 mile socks to me seem to be the dogs.. And as it says on the tin, if you get a blister or the socks are worn down and "un-useable" (within reason i suppose) They will replace them.
Ive tried and tested them and worked especially well with my assault boots.


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Personally Bridgedale or Thorlo - with a nice set of Sorbothane insoles underneath. But on the Thorlo 1000 miler socks - don't get the one with inner and outer layers - just the single thickness socks.
I have traditionally always gone for 1000 mile socks and never had any issues, however was lucky enough to recently trial a pair of Bridgedale x-hale.

The bridgedale has a better layer of padding and insulation due to the fact it has a higher wool mix, however the 1000 mile socks (in my opinion) dry out quicker when wet. I now wear either depending on the weather and how the mood takes me.
I used bridgedale socks for a long time and still do, but like some earlier posters I recently started using smart wool and am pretty impressed. I cannot stand having seams against my feet or socks that are too thick both fit the bill. My wife can knit and has made me acouple of pairs of fitted merino wool walking socks which have been fantastic, do you know anyone who can knit?
I've got 1000 mile and bridgedale socks which are the dogs but seriously have a look at tescos own walking and hiking socks. I've got 2 pairs of wool ones and 2 of the mid thickness hiking ones with padded bottom and pressure points. They are definately worth a punt even as a back up fair to live in your daysack on ex. Plus at a quarter of the price of the other who's to complain!

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