Best socks?

With all the accumulated knowledge here - views on best socks for tabbing etc?

I've acquired a pair of Smartwool socks which seem to be very good, and have recently gone back to using 1000 Mile Socks but have not tabbed much with them yet.


Smartwool are good. After a couple of expeds when they get so hard you risk breaking your ankle getting in them - you can cut them in half (with an angle grinder) and use them as body armour...
Put a SMARTWOOL on one foot and a 1000 MILE on the other, do a very long TAB/YOMP and see which foot looks and feels the best.

Wear the 'best' sock there after.

I did this exercise some years ago when the army were still issueing the green plastic socks and the newer green woolly type sock. (both were rubbish so I used my white Falklands issued socks, no problems afterwards).
Sounds like a Smartwool love-in; what are they like in the heat?

Thanks for the heads-up ref desert socks, Spaz, I have heard good things about them and I gather they can be bought for small cost (( or issued pre-deployment, of course. )
Smart wool arent that great in the heat, Thorlo are better for hot climates.
Smartwool Expedition or Summit are great winter socks, I have used them when winter mountaineering in Scotland (no funnies please about Scottish winters as those who know appreciate they are the worst you can get perhaps anywhere in the world).

So for hotter climates the last thing you want is a thick padded winter sock, you will just end up with foot problems.

Bridgedale trekker or Thorlo hiking for me>

Issue Dessie socks...

or Bridgedale Light Hiker - I wear them all the time now after buying a couple of pairs before a Telic tour. Slightly softer that issues, but just as good for day to day and summer hiking use.

Seem to last around 4-5 years use.. (worn once a week)
The Issue Dessie are great both the Cold Weather (winter) and Warmer (Summer) Tours. Have worn both types on my last tours in all weathers without much of a problem

Edited to add - Have used both throughout my Trg in the UK and have been great aswell. Even managed to get them exchanged at RTMC
After, unusually for me, getting a large and nasty blister on one heel doing CFT training, I bought some 1000 mile socks - not the double skinned ones, but the ones with no seams. I only use them for tabbing and find them both comfortable and blister free.

Pay your money, take your choice I guess.
I like the thin bridgedale ones. They're not very 'tac' at grey and white, but they're thick and supportive enough to protect your feet without making you sweat.

They also dry very quickly.
Bridgedale Explorer for cold and wet, and Bridgedale Light Hiker for summer. Don't own shares in them, just haven't had a blister since I started wearing them.

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