Best socks for tabbing?

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Point & Shoot, Jul 15, 2013.

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  1. I've got my first 8 mile TAB sometime next week and was wondering what socks are best for tabbing. I've heard that 1000 mile socks are good but is there anything better?

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  2. Issue tissue, G10 for men etc. I always found that issue socks were fine for tabbing, it's more down to the boot than the sock, I.e. £100 socks in issue boots will still rip your feet to shreds. As its your first tab, may I assume that it will be unladen?
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  3. The issued ones. You may find that they suit you for it. If they don't then throw some dosh at something else.

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  4. Merino wool is your friend, try Go Outdoors.
  5. It's different for everyone, you'll just have to find through trial and error what works for you.
  6. 10,000 mile socks.
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  7. I'm near the end of Phase 2 training at Bovington and need to complete the 8 mile TAB as part of MATTs. I've done TABs before but the furthest in Phase 1 is 6 miles. Unfortunately I'm stuck with issue boots as I don't fancy buying an expensive pair (that we're not actually supposed to have) when I'll eventually be issued the new brown boots.

    I've heard that wearing a thin pair of socks under the issue black socks (some people day put some foot powder between the two?) works well.

    Forgot to add the TAB is with full weight 20kg and I do have trouble with the issue socks rubbing my feet.

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  8. Just powder your feet, make sure you got no creases in your socks, lace your boots properly and the only thing you need worry about is being bored witless for 2 hours
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  9. Where do they rub? Is it seems in the socks? Blisters around the heel are often caused by heel lift in the boot, sorted by lacing up tighter in eyelets 6 n 7, depending on boots

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  10. 8 mile tabs... pah! wrap your feet up in Portyanki!
  11. Tesco sports socks oh and you won't be tabbing you will be bimbling
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  12. Remember very good air circulation in the boot wearing running socks, heat is the problem

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  13. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Try wearing a pair of tennis sock - the type with the towelling inside, in this weather they will wick moisture away from the foot - then wear a pair of your normal socks over them - any movement or friction is between the two layers of sock rather than your skin and the sock. Change the inner socks halfway through the tab if you can, powder your feet and as a last resort get a big roll of super sticky adhesive bandage if you need to do running repairs on your feet.

    Oops just re- read - just wear old boots and decent socks - my advice is for 40 klicks and above or multiples thereof...
  14. You need to get the fit right, if the boot's too slack or too tight it'd bad news regardless of sockage. Different insoles can improve fit. Issue socks are pretty good, plenty of good ciivvy brands too Thorlo, Bridgedale... If you're looking for liners get proper hiking ones with coolmax, lycra, elastane....

    If you anticipate rubbing in any particular area (phnarr) tape your feet with zinc oxide or surgical tape before you start.
  15. What? No 'Moleskin' over there?

    8 miles shouldn't be an issue for anyone though...

    Last month I did 10 miles every morning and afternoon in the surgery ward corridors with a NG tube and IV... wearing those damn grip socks... the points of the arrow shaped grips on the bottoms left really nice blisters next to the balls of my feet...
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