Best Sock Liners??

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Resung, Nov 22, 2010.

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  1. This might seem a bit of a strange question, but any recommendations on a good sock liner?

    I'm in the TA and the other weekend we were on exercise and ploughing through bogs and small streams a lot. My boots would dry out over time, as would my issue socks, but the ankle socks i wore inside them to stop blisters stayed soaking wet and freezing cold even hours later. They were just a cheap cotton pair i'd picked up and i'm beginning to think it might not be the best material for the job.
  2. Take another pair! Also 1000 mile socks some people have found useful.
  3. Best Sock Liners??

    Well I was going to recommend you try inserting a Femidom but then I read your post fully, sorry ;D
    Try here instead Venturewear: FoxRiver socks, liners

  4. I use the Bridgedale coolmax liners, they also make thermal ones as well now. 1000miles socks have yet to convince me wrt CFTs etc.
  5. I used to bugger around with a thin pair of socks inside a thick pair when using issued CAB, usually cotton but some outdoors stores did 'Coolmax' ones too, quick drying apparently.

    But my best advice would be to get a pair of boots that don't mean you need to take such measures - when I was using CAB I HAD to have 2 pair of socks, laced just so, taped just so just to avoid my heels falling apart in blisters at the end of the first mile (and even then they frequently did anyway) - but since getting some Lowas I've found that I can chuck them on any old how with any sort of sock and there are no dramas even after days of such treatment - my feet just don't get along with CAB it seems.

    Not to encourage poor foot admin, but you might find different boots that suit your feet better mean you can afford to ease up a little on the anti-blister precautions.
  6. I took 2 0r 3 pairs along, but once they got wet they stayed wet. We were tabbing or patrolling constantly, so when i adminned my feet my issue socks were usually bone dry no matter how wet they had got, but the liner socks were still soaking wet and freezing cold. After 3 days of having freezing and soaking feet, it was really beginning to effect me.

    Cheers. I'll have a look at those.

    Blisters have always been a bugger with me too. How much would a pair of lowas set me back?

    Not being lazy, but if you use them you probably know where they sell them cheaper than they are on the high st. ;)
  7. Sorry to disappoint, but I ended up paying 140 notes for mine. Lowa Mountain GTX, from Soldier of Fortune, it seems the going rate however. At the time it was scarily pricey, but since getting them they have been worth every penny. Rumours abound of getting Lowas for free from the med centre if you have messed up feet, but I never knew of anyone who managed that. You could also shop around more and for different brands - Meindls, Hanwags and Altbergs are all worn and well thought of by lads in my unit.

    Just make sure you look after them and they should last you a decent while, and be sure to get a good pair the first time¨- I first bought a pair of Magnums to get out of CAB cheaply but they fell apart on me in no time flat. Better to spend a little more and get something that's up to scratch than to have to fork out twice.