Best snow tyres (UK conditions) - Freelander 2?

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by 4(T), Jul 16, 2013.

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  1. Any Land Rover/ off-roader aficionados care to recommend some "best buy" snow tyres (or mud & snow tyres)?

    Yes, I have looked out the window and noticed that there is, in fact, no snow around at the moment. I do understand that, if I buy a full set of snow tyres, global warming will finally kick in, and the past run of snowy winters will abruptly cease. Just thought I'd get these sorted now, instead of waiting to join the queue next time UK slithers to a halt next snowfall...

    Yes #2, I have used the Arrse "search" function and re-read about five hundred witty threads about snow in UK. Didn't find the actual info I was looking for.

    - car is a Freelander 2, with 18" wheels (plan to use a duplicate set of same alloys as fitted, just in case Mrs 4(T) succeeds in kerbing the original set...);

    - need tyres for typical UK conditions (-10oC, unswept roads, slow road speeds, etc).

  2. BiscuitsAB

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  3. BiscuitsAB

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  4. Are they so bad that you need snow tyres?
  5. Why don't you go for a set of steelies instead - much cheaper and easier to maintain in winter? And downsize to 16/ 17" while you're at it? The 1 " difference in size makes a huge cost difference - you can always fit plastic wheel caps if you're that concerned with looks - I personally think they look the biz, especially on an SUV/ softroader.

    //anyways, just my $0.02 from all the years of driving in MI winters
  6. I've used General Tire (American spelling) Snow boots before, good grip and mileage. Bit noisy though.

    Here's the ones I had, oh and you can stud them if it gets really hardcore.

    General Altimax Arctic.

    Should last about a week in this heatwave! :)

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  7. Why not get an offroading car to go with those tyres too?
  8. 16" steelies with town and country tyres should cope with most on road conditions. If you're thinking of off road in adverse conditions think again.
  9. The original tyres that came with my Freelander 2 (Goodyear Wranglers) are mud and snow tyres and do a feckin' good job!
  10. How will smaller tyres alter mph?
  11. Something like these will be more than adequate (and easy on the wallet) for what you need.

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  12. You need a new kinetic energy tow rope, safari roof rack and a hi lift jack, funnily enough im selling all of the aforementioned!
  13. Increase it, but on road gives more control, if you are off road bigger is better!!