Best Signals jobs.

Hi, I'm new to this forum and am looking to join the Ta Signals in Cardiff. I wondered if anybody could give me advice on what the best jobs to go for were. By best I'm thinking of the likelyhood of actually getting used on operations (whats the point of joining otherwise) and possible promotion prospects in the future.
Cheers for your help.

better money quick promotion
I work with a bunch of Signals in the BOWMONG world and the IS Ops seem to be made up every other week.

They are the high band of pay and take quilts on operations and exercises. So if you want to be self-important, then join the IS Ops in the signals, or why join a Teeth Arm and do a real job!
It has to be number two on a line party - carrying two packs of D10 on a GS frame in ditches and through bushes. Then pegging it down on the way back, and due to being in a tight ar5e army having to get to know the D10 reeling in machine - pure sex!!! :D
Oh yes!!!!!!!! ok - not really. Infantry Exercises are too fluid to gain the most benefit out of the time available. The only times I ever used D10 on Ops or Ex were to connect two 353's for a rebro or to remote a handset. It's mostly used at the Sigs Wing as a ball breaker on the final ex after three days without any kip. But still, whoooaaarrrr! :D
Line ex was fun (on Regt Sig Class 1), a good way of introducing orders?

Used to use D10 all the time to make HF antenna's, remoting into buildings etc

Do the TA Para's still get narked when asked to speed up their marching??
We had proper antennas for HF that came with the ancils bag, or made up some with a twin copper cable similar to the pink ones that come with with stereos. They made great multi frequency di-pole antennas allowing us to use one or two for all freq's.

Never had a para on any of my courses - a few hooligans but mainly a mix of heavy and light. On one course we had nine Jackets so we were allowed to form a seperate squad, but otherwise we just chilled out and strolled along with the rest of them. Drove the DS nuts when we kept standing at ease after every command though! :wink:
We always used to use D10 but I was in a Home Defence Bn, we needed the extra Db's that Braid wouldn't give (copper would be better but D10 was cheaper and more available)

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