Best Shag on Tour Story

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by NINJA69, Aug 10, 2007.

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  1. No names, just the story will do. :judge:
  2. Perhaps you should start.....
  3. mostly whores
  4. Down the MT with one of the Signals girls, every night in a different vehicle, never managed a 4 tonner though.
  5. Yes you did... The Signals girl...
  6. in the guardroom in a cell.
  7. well you havn't lived then! :p
  8. Signals have females who weigh 4 ton fcuk me she must have been a big girl, do you have no standards man?
  10. she was a babe, she left it until the last two weeks though before she let me get a grip.
    The RAF bar had a few babes in there, Saturday night was like down town at the weekend, shame we only had a handful of occasions down there.
  11. Good man... Beer goggles 24/7/365...

    Get that man another one...
  12. back of an armoured field ambulance.

    she was a complete munter and I was desperate
  13. Swamping on a sprog raf nurse at keogh

    biffing a bird without realising she only had one arm

    Non contact whoring in freetown in the WIMIK tent

    watching a deviant para cracking a multi cultural razzle stack
  14. Ok, I'm old and I have been abroad for nearly 20 years...

  15. Razzle had a penchant for stacking naked women about five high and photographing it from the rear.
    It is also famous for the "Razzle Pile-Up", which features a group of ladies on their fronts, all lined up on top of each other, presenting their bottoms (and slightly more) to the camera.[/quote]