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Discussion in 'REME' started by The_IRON, Oct 26, 2011.

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  1. Ok just reminising on my last 23 odd years out and about on different exercises and ops ive been on bringing back a few memories of the most moral boosting part when your a bit cold, hungry and pissed off when out of the blue you get more than the normal Rat pack. A couple of my most memorable moments are below..going to put them down in ink as my memories fading fast and wonders what was served up that made your day besides pussy pie. Everyones managed to stop and get a quick Snelly at times but there are the exceptional ones. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________1) After doing our third CV12 Power pack lift without stopping over a 48 hour period when I was FRG out in BATUS we were just finishing when we got another CASREP for another Challenger Pack as they were all heading to the lieger area for the start of maint day. Being chin strapped from no kip we headed off to the lieger area throwing a few boil in the bags in the BV to scoff when we got a spare minute, the Q Man telling us he would meet us there with the new CV12. We got there and having quickly inspected it saw it needed changing so started prepping to lift when the Q Man turns up in his rover with the CV12 on the back of the truck. We decided that it was time for some quick scran so headed to the back of the Warrior to get our boil in the bags when he told us to wait out a few and check the back of the rover. Inside there were around 6 Norgies with Steak, Mushrooms, Chips with Gateaux strawberries and cream for dessert, after 3 weeks on the Prairie it was like ******* heaven and well worth the couple of slabs of beer he gave the chefs back in Crowfoot to sort his lads out. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________2) On the Flats coming back from Poland we managed to find a few slabs of beer to keep us going whilst looking after all the armoured vehicles on the train when we got held up for around 18 hours North of Berlin in sidings and supplies were getting low. After five or six hours of sat in the carriage we spotted an old German couple get a puncture and spin off the road about half a click up the road so myself and a couple of lads went up and helped change the wheel and made sure they were ok and they went on there way to their cottage up the road. About four hours later his Son turned up who owned the local pub with a shit load of beer and a whole Roast Hog for the 20 odd of us to enjoy for our troubles...hence to say the Rat packs with the bruised apples, stale sausage rolls (with no meat in) were not required. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Final one as done many a time in BATUS we needed some hard standing and to get a Final Drive for one of the HVMs that went tits up so towed it around 20 Kms to the furthest gate you could get to on the Prairie (Gate 12 springs to mind) where a different Q Man met us with the new final drive. Same thing was on around D-18 so well into the Med Man so a bit fed up with burger and beans etc we had been scoffing the previous few weeks so was awesome when he brought out a load of nice hot pizzas. As an old crusty Artisan i will never slate those who went artificer as the good ones might not get their hands dirty but definately know how to look after the lads to keep morale going when needed.Apologies about the way its set out it wouldnt let me do paragraphs...its not just because Im a thick Artisan.
  2. Any exercise where Wolfgang or his sons and their trusty van showed up. Bonus
  3. Soltau will always be a happy memory when Wolfgangs van turned up...even better the time he got bogged in and we all got free snellys for getting him out.
  4. I ate out some particularly dirty sigs slag called Jenni in the back of her boxbody in Kosovo. She even let me smash her with my maglite.
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  5. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    You've not had top scran until you've served on an RFA.

    After weeks of bone ex's and mega dull anti piracy patrols in the Malacca Straits, we'd eaten all the fresh stuff and were on to tinned and frozen food. RN chefs like to bulk out food with onions and given the limited ingredients to work with, eventually dishes started to repeat themselves on the menu but with different names.

    onion trainsmash, onion stroganoff, onion curry, spaghetti and onions etc. etc. These would then be served as soup le jour the next day having gone through a blender.

    As we moved closer to the straits and the unsavoury pirates who lurked within, the need to tool up our floating petrol station, RFA Grey Rover, became apparent so myself and 5 other lucky chaps were selected to transfer accross with a load of GPMGs just in case.

    The next 4 weeks were a frantic blur of sunbathing on the flight deck, 40p cans of Tiger and absolutely top rate scran including fillet steaks once a week and BBQs most Sundays. They even had a 'duty mess' lovingly nicknamed the cheesery, basically a room with a massive fridge full of different types of cheese, freshly baked bread, leftover cold meats and salads, just in case you fancied a sarnie between meals or in the middle of the night.

    Turns out RFA Supply Officers have free reign on their food budget and can purchase whatever takes their fancy, unlike RN Supply Officers who get about 2p per day to feed the whole ship and must purchase everything from approved suppliers. Since the RFA was there to serve the RN ship, I couldn't help but wonder how much of the food onboard should have been making it's way to the lads on the destroyer, but **** it, I wasn't complaining.
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  6. I assume it made your daily (twice daily?) shot of love-piss straight from another sailors man-meat a bit oniony also?
  7. The scoff house at BLMF.

    Absolutely top rate food, from fresh steaks to cheese boards. Obviously the personnel from BLMF needed this fine dining to counteract the devilish working conditions at the camp.

    Just as a side point:

    I had the misfortune to be attached to a TA exercise weekend at their own TAC. The resident TA chef (SNCO about 83 years old) knocked out a curry for all ranks at the evening meal.

    He made a "peach" curry using tinned peaches and dried spices and obviously the end result was ******* stinking.

    He was most hurt by the feedback from his diners and his protestations of "It was a tagine" fell on deaf ears.
  8. He has saved the day a few times, daft o'clock in the morning changing genny panels whilst standing knee-deep in coolant after 60 hours of non-stop callouts. Also, cheese & jam sarnies, only ever works with Cheese, Possessed and I don't know why it works, but it just does. One to watch though is the Recce Mech "all-in" curry with a 10 man box, when he says "all-in", he means it.;-)
  9. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    It's called a tot.
  10. Pizza.

    Effect magnified by how cold/tired/wet/hungry/etc you are and how long you've spent on rat packs (or eating at a crap cookhouse) beforehand. Even the warm beer helps!
  11. ******* jam sarnies, delivered in norrie cans so we thought we were getting something hot and filling after our thrid day on the ranges in the snow and ice. How the "chef" every survived that one I don't know!.

    Best scran ever, bar none was a spit roast wild boar at the end of Jungle Training out in Brunei. The boar had been shot the previous night by the point man in a patrol when it and him had come head to head on a track. One charging boar with a Remmington solid slug between the eyes!

    The thing tasted amazing! The Gurkhas had also done several curries, one being fish and one being monkey..and they also were stunningly tasty!
  12. Following on from Ravers' earlier onion fest;

    I was on Mt Igman in 1995 and had to spend an evening at a French OP due to the horrendous weather conditions.

    As hosts, the French were remarkably cordial and supplied me with cigarettes, wine and food.

    When I say food, I mean a foil tray filled with boiled onions. Nowt else - just boiled onions.

    The dirty frog *****.
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  13. 6 hour old Burger King and Subway, driven down from Zagreb to Banja Luka. Well nice, I always say BK tastes better warmed up in the Microwave.
    I walked into the Cookhouse once in BLMF and there was a sign on the hot plate for 'Special Bosnia Pie' which was basically a meat pie with a pastry crust. One of the guys commented about what was so special about it? To whit I replied 'Its probably made with Cat' The flipflop slop went abosolutely ******* mental! 'Its beef, best british beef! blah blah blah rant rave!' and stormed off. Very amusing for the 100 blokes stood behind me in the queue. I had fish fingers
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  14. A couple for the old timers, courtesy of Google Images. The first one is 1RTR saying farewell to Wolfgang as a Regiment. Good work

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  15. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Every winter, 3 or 4 days on a DFDS ferry (the MV Prawn) sailing from Bergen to Narvik. Mountains of food at the buffet.

    A good Russian stew in the back of Zil 131 with a Soviet Div Comd while his Div drove past us to a river crossing near Havelberg. We were held for 3 hours.

    A surprised goat near Travnik: