Best Schnelly you ever had?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Blacksmith, Aug 4, 2007.

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  1. A subject close to my heart is the schnell imbiss.

    The best I ever tasted was Nienburg, the BP garage opposite the camp. Giros pita with curry sauce wrapped and allowed to soak and a half a chicken to go.

    Although Mustaffa in Bergen knocks up a reasonable giros mit pommes mayo.
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  2. In traz it was the van that used to come on Roberts Barracks, cant for the life of me remember his name. Used to get schnelli on tick if it was near the end of the month and you were skint :)

    In Hameln it has to be the Dionysos. Couldnt beat a Dionysos teller from there.
  3. snelly next to "little p's" in hameln took some beating at death o'clock for a jagerwurst mit pommes
  4. THE best was (and poss still is) was the schnelly on the left hand side of the main road leading from Kingsley barracks in Minden to town, the old guy in there had the best fresh gyros you could imagine. This was the early 80's tho
  5. "Lall's" gyros house in Berlin did a superb gyros as i hazily remember.
  6. Ahhh Gyros the compass of champions :D :D
    As its my wedding anniversary I think tonight i will mainly be drunk :p :wink:
    So La Pampas for a steak then onto the libori fair in town :D
    and drunken gyros for home 8) :wink:
  7. Demetris in Herford is a possible champion.

    Many a drunken gyros had after a night in the Go Park!
  8. Fcuking right!!! I used to love that place!! Demetris that is, they never let us in to Go Park - we just had to make do with Siekers and later on RVs and Nosferatus...
  9. I would have to concur with Blacksmiths offering of the Nienburg BP, it was the unofficial cookhouse of the regiment and served a glorious Gyros, or halb henchen ....

    Shame about the juke box mind, more david hasselhoff than a baywatch fans back catalogue, and did the daughter actually have a real moustache, or do you reckon it was a stick on?
  10. This thread has made me hungry...I could kill for a Gyros Pitta right now...I've never seen them in the UK, is there anywhere that does them?? I'd drive there now if I wasn't already half cut!
  11. My bold.

    I had a mate, who worked in a print shop.........

    RMP's weren't to pleased when they caught us with our faces on their ID cards.......................

    (Before the new ones came in of course)
  12. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    The best schnelly ever im afraid had to be Fat Sams by the railway sidings in Detmold. He was fat sweaty not to careful about hygiene but by god he made the best Gyros mit pommes and mayo ever, or if you were up to the challenge a Fat Sams Super special Pizza. Which consisted of a 12" Pizza all the toppings in the shop, covered with an inch of Gyros. Just the thing after a few beers and a fight in the Ice bar.
    God im hungry. Damn the Krauts and their road widening schemes! Gone but not forgotten.
  13. I'm going start a petition to bring Gyros and Currywurst to the UK...
  14. Dont shop at Aldi then?

    Admittidly not as good, but does just for a fix. :D
  15. Which one - Gyros or Currywurst? I'll have to get down there and give a try..